Poor Little Poem


Poor Little Poem

Here's the latest, not the greatest;
Just the last in a motley line.
Nevertheless, it’s left the nest,
Seeking its chance to shine.

It’s not easy trying to please
A snooty literary mob.
Should it, by chance, educe a smile,
Well‬—then it’s done its job.

If not, then it must languish
In the realm of the forgotten—
To turn bitterly resentful,
And grow up mean and rotten.

And so, a little poem’s dreams
You will have cruelly maimed.
There, I hope you’re satisfied.
Now—aren't you ashamed?


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Tony5880 commented on Poor Little Poem


I like this. I get the full meaning of your words some what emotionally felt and I enjoyed what I have read. You critiqued my poem. I thank you and I value your opinion. I don't always go on here life is full enough/ family friends fiancé. it is what it is. please read more of my works and tell me what you think! your opinion is much valued!

poett commented on Poor Little Poem


Awww I love this. I was going through my old poem comments n seeing the wonderful words of my fellow poets n friends made me happy but also sad n miss them more... Hugs n hope you come back too ;)

Marsink commented on Poor Little Poem


Hey, Long time and the site is dying a slow death it seems... I think a little projection from muse to poem, and we gather the poem suffers no ills, but the author feels the brunt of criticism. Speaking of criticism--I have NONE! This is very playful and yet humored with a point that we are what we write and have vicariously embraced thru such expression the access into 100,000 worlds. I tip my Indiana Jones hat to you! 10!

gmcookie commented on Poor Little Poem


Lol, Poor little maimed poem. Well, there are enough mean and rotten things in this world already, so I'll just have to give it a 10. In fact, as I sit here chuckling I'd give it two tens were it possible.

cheronld commented on Poor Little Poem


Lol.....nicely done of you my friend....and since I'm still smiling....I will say this....JOB WELL DONE....love this lighter side of you....I've been remiss in the visiting of this site....but thanks to popping by now and then,......I get to have a smile put on my days.....keep them coming....Cher

Poetry is not the expression of personality but an escape from personality.

T. S. Eliot (1888-1965) American-English poet and playwright.

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