Predispositions towards Heaven


  • Religion

    Predispositions towards Heaven

    The crown of religion
    Handed down by divine right
    To the predisposed righteous.

    The infallible heed our boundaries
    As if they obeyed our illusions
    And dwell on our plane

    A reversal in the roles of creation
    Or so it seems
    According to your ethnocentrismic seams.

    A truly transcendent knows boundaries, none.
    And lays in acceptance with not only one.
    For its' realization is not nearly done.
    Our battle , not won.
    Our song, unsung.

    Copyright, Vincent Decker, 2008.

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    Tempestlady commented on Predispositions towards Heaven


    "Truly transcendent?" I wonder if you know what that means, I wonder if yu are that? It's a really hard read. Great meaning, though. Try reading it out loud, It's hard to find the flow. It's ok



    Hahaha, you are right. I know not of what that truly means. No one does, thats what makes it truly transcendent. Im awful at rhythm in my writings, i try just for my message. There are many meanings here, some (suprisingly enough) can be found in a later daniel quinn book called story of b, in which im reading now. i was suprised this guy has some similar ideas to me. read his ishmael, and if you love it (i know you will, and you can do a lot with it) you should go on to story of b. his last one is my ishmael. mind blowing stuff, im serious!!!



    i will take the liberty at explaining this: It is about my frustrations with the exclusivity of religion, in that only certain people, of a certain geological location on our maps (predisposed righteous), have access to "the one right way to live," being their religion. The gods are isolated to invisible lines we call state/country boundaries (they heed our boundaries, as if we created them). If something greater exists (i believe there is, just not how most believe it to be), then it is truly transcendent, undescribable, unnamable, incomprehensible, follows no human rules, lines, nothing. And everyone can know it, through their own means.

    devaamido commented on Predispositions towards Heaven


    But the really funny thing is that "the battle" too is illusory. I none-the-less like the idea you've expressed so economically. The poem has great intellectual appeal & is structurally good. Is there a way to say this with a bit more visceral appeal?



    further, illusions is to implement the stuff we have created which means nothing, like our invisible lines we call states and continents, this useless money, and our pointless laws, which these gods seemingly obey or agree with.



    it is in a sense; but people make it real. i meant more like the human battle to compliment the planet, instead of destroy it. im not quite sure what you mean by more visceral appeal. any suggestions? thanks for an intelligent comment, these are far and few between!



    What I meant was: You have to be pretty brainy to understand this poem. That's not a bad thing, but its also good if the message "hits you in the gut". I feel this poem in my head...not my gut.



    i understand. words elude me, and i am unable to make them count often like daniel quinn does, for instance. i feel shivers from him. i highly recommend reading ishmael if you have not, sir. you would appreciate it :)

    PoeticMind commented on Predispositions towards Heaven


    I like your choice of words...very articulate and well-written...I APPLAUD YOU keep up with your EXPRESSIONS

    Poetry is what is lost in translation.

    Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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