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    Priecious Moment







    Precious Moments

    We peer through the murky window

    As burdens bear down on our shoulders

    Getting glimpses of people in the other room

    Enjoying life

    As we just keep getting older


    I think to myself

    There has got to be a way in

    A way to get through this wall

    And make me as good as them


    So, I will work hard

    To find my way

    Try to learn from others

    And not make their mistake


    I watch many different people, scurrying around to find their place

    Scrubbing the dirty window pane

    With tears rolling down their face


    Some walk in anger

    And some in jealousy

    Thinking life is not fair

    That should be me

    Many others laugh and joke

     As if they are enjoying life

    Taking the time

    As to not let one precious moment go by


    I decide to work even harder

    And finally find my way through

    Man I am on easy street now

    I am in the good room


    I meet a few people

    That seems to be enjoying life

    Taking their time

    As if not to let one precious moment go by


    As I kept strolling through the room

     I started to look around

    And noticed people lined up

    All with a frown


    Sadness seemed to overtake most

    As they stood in front of that dirty window pane

    I think to myself

    These people should be enjoying this wonderful room

    Boy, what a shame


    I walk around for a brief time

     Before I start to wonder

    What life is like in the next room

    And what riches I could plunder


                      I have to work even harder

     To just get through the crowd

    Looking through the muddy pane

    I think

    If I could get in there

     I would surely make my family proud


    So I struggle and I strive

     Never losing sight

    Knowing one day I am going to get in there

    And have a great life


    I finally found my way in

    Life is now

    Going to be better

     Than it has ever been


    I meet a couple of people

     Enjoying life

    Taking their time

    As to not let one precious moment go by


    I walked a little farther

    In this greatest room yet

    And found many people crammed together

    Full of regret


    Hollering and screaming

    Trying to reach the window pane

    I am thinking to myself

    This is a great life

    Why can’t they enjoy it

    Boy, what a shame

    I turn to my family

    As many years have gone by

    My hair is gray, my eyes are weary

    And I start to cry


    We’ve missed so much

    Why could I not listen

    To the people who were enjoying life

    And didn’t let one precious moment go by 

     Note from the Author

    Enjoying life is easier when you try


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    charitya commented on Priecious Moment


    What a great poem. I enjoy Poems with real meaning and a touch of lifes lessons. I think you nailed it with this. Excellent!



    Thank you... it has personal meaning...wrote in about thirty minutes and now pursue the precious moments as much as the next room.... thanks again

    In science one tries to tell people, in such a way as to be understood by everyone, something that no one ever knew before. But in poetry, it's the exact opposite.

    Franz Kafka (1883-1924) Czech writer.

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