Prince Charming


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  • I would like to thank everyone for reading my poems and for giving me positive feedbacks! You guys keep me more inspired! I thank you all with all my heart! =)

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I wrote this on July 24, 2008. I just feel like sharing it to everyone especially to all the girls out there...always remember...LOVE COMES...AT THE RIGHT TIME, RIGHT PLACE...AND WITH THE RIGHT ONE! YOU JUST HAVE TO PATIENTLY WAIT FOR IT =)

Prince Charming

When I was a little girl my mom told me that my Prince Charming will come and rescue me, will kiss me in the lips and take all the sadness and longings in my heart. Mom told me that whatever imperfections I have, Prince Charming will embrace me with his strong and protective arms and will accept me with all his heart. She even advised me that when the right day comes, I should hold on to Prince Charming and never ever let him go for a person like Prince Charming comes only once in a million.

…I was searching for that Prince Charming all my life…

One day, I met this wonderful person; a very sweet and kind one. He fell for me and I fell for him. The love started and I thought it was endless. He wrote me love letters and made me feel loved. Accidentally, when I was unpacking my bag, one of his letters fell on the floor and I didn’t notice it. I went on a journey leaving the letter behind. The evil witch saw the letter, changed it and spread the words around. I went back from my journey and the Queen was furious. She told me to leave the person and not talk to him anymore. Because I was young, I obeyed the Queen and ended my relationship with Prince.

…I was hoping that Prince Charming will come and comfort me…

Two years have passed; I was occupied with collecting knowledge because the Queen told me that I should focus my life in studying. The first love of my life never showed up when I needed him two years ago. I gave up on him and stopped waiting. On my way to the chapel I bumped to a masculine, tall, and attractive guy. When I look into his face, I recognized him and couldn’t believe it. He was my playmate when I was just a little girl. When he was old enough, he stopped playing with me. After so many years, we bumped into each other and since then he started calling me. The day came when my heart began to beat again. I was so happy resting and feeling safe in his arms. It was a wonderful relationship. Because he is older than me, he taught me what is good and what is bad. He helped me grow and he loved me as much as I loved him. Once again I prayed that it wouldn’t end. But the darkness sent the witch again to ruin my life. Many evils entered our peaceful and happy relationship and we ended breaking each others hearts. I was mourning days and nights till my eyes could cry no more. I was lifeless and broken hearted.

…I told myself never to love again…

The King and the Queen advised me to go somewhere far, far from heartaches and close to joyfulness. I accepted their offer and went on to live to a place I wasn’t aware of. All they told me were lies. There’s no joy in that place. It only made me sad and depressed. I isolated myself from people and trained myself to become independent. I sought no help from anyone but my own. Moving made me matured and realistic. I forgot how to hope, I forgot how to dream. I even forgot to find and search for Prince Charming…I forgot the word “love” and the meaning of it.

I wasn’t aware of my surroundings and my feelings till I saw this very scene:

A lost little girl was crying and was looking for her mother. I was about to comfort her when a woman ran unto her and embraced her. The young girl spoke “Mommy” and the woman soothed the young girl and brought smile to her beautiful and innocent face.

That’s when it hit me. I felt lonely. I felt depressed and homesick. I ran faster and when I reached the house, I masked my head into my pillow and cried my heart out. All the memories of my family and friends I left behind were playing in my head. I was having it. Homesickness blew me hard.

I was moaning when suddenly the phone rang. At first I hesitated to answer it but my hand moved by itself as if it has a mind of its own. I realized that I needed someone to comfort me. I didn’t care who might that person was as long as someone helps me ease my longings. I answered it and heard a familiar voice. It was a very nice voice, so soothing and kind. It was his voice, my best friend, my shock absorber. I didn’t give him a chance to say whatever he had to say. I just cried my heart out and he just listened and never said anything. When he felt that I had no more words to say he just said the words I wanted to hear from anyone: “I’m just here for you”. With those words, my sadness went away and my lips started to widen giving him an invisible smile.

Since then, every time I had worries, I didn’t hesitate to call him and he didn’t fail to rescue me. He was my certified best friend shock absorber, and knight. He never failed to put a smile on my face and he never failed to make me laugh. He always treated me with warmth and didn’t stop comforting me. I wasn’t aware of his feelings at all and I wasn’t aware of my feelings then.

I started working to hinder myself from minding my worries. I didn’t talk to him for a week and it made me restless. That’s when I realized that I was missing him, his calming voice, his cheerfulness, his funny stories, everything about him.

We talked for hours and told each other how we missed each other. We even reminisced about the past and the very day he took my sadness away. I told him what a good person he is and how grateful I am to be his best friend. That’s when I realized that this guy is very important to me. My heart beat so fast, faster than before and not knowing that my eyes were filled with tears. That was the day it hit me. I am in love with him.

The feelings I was trying to kill, the words I stopped dreaming of to hear, the love I was hoping not to experience again…with that very moment I forgot all of them. I became alive again. Happiness and hopefulness exist in my world again. Love struck me once more.

But I guess it’s not time for me to have a happy ending yet. I thought he’s the one but as times passed by things have changed as well. It was a wonderful relationship but I’ve decided to choose what will make me keep him forever…friendship.

Times have passed and these memories never fade. They are still fresh as the spring, clear as the water, and bright as the sun. Though there’s still something that hinders me to find love, I know for sure that the right time will come for me to feel true happiness and true love.

There were few Prince Charming who kissed me in the lips. But in the end they all turned into frogs. Well, I still believe that my Mommy’s right after all. Time will come that my true Prince will come and rescue me. He will even embrace all my imperfections and will love me for what I am and for who I am. My Prince Charming will find me…I know he will. And like what my mom had told me, if that day comes I will never ever let him go for a person like him comes only once in a million.

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viejay04 commented on Prince Charming


Your words really mean a lot!! thanks a bunch! =D

dahlusion commented on Prince Charming


You are an amazing story-teller with the gift of imagery and imagination. Bravo!!

If I feel physically as if the top of my head were taken off, I know that is poetry.

Emily Dickinson (1830-1886) American poet.

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