• Hate


    Listen to me, as I speak to you now
    You will hear my words
    You will hear my pain
    Listen to me now
    You hate me, you judge me
    You will hear my words
    You will hear my pain
    For people like you
    Don’t ever understand
    Those who hate
    Those who judge
    Are you hearing my words now
    What makes you so perfect?
    So perfect to hate me, to judge me
    You are no better then I am
    I am not better then you
    Hear me now, I will be heard
    As I sit here I will not hate, I will not judge
    So why do you sit they’re hating and judging
    Do you not see the pain you cause
    Or is it that you just can’t open your eyes long enough
    I know you can hear my words, hear my pain
    I am sure you felt this pain
    I am sure you know how much it hurts
    So why do you hate and judge
    When you know this pain as much as I
    Yes I have a problem
    But I don’t need to have it pointed out to me
    I don’t need people like you to tell me
    To tell me what problems I have
    After all I live with them daily
    They are my problems not yours
    Are you hearing me
    Or do you choose to ignore me
    If this is my problem
    Why do you take the time to hate me
    Why do you take the time to judge me
    Why will you not take the time to know me
    Listen to me now
    This is my problem
    Not yours
    Stop hating me
    Stop judging me
    Stop hurting me with your words
    Is this not my problem
    Is this the world’s problem, I think not
    For as you read my words
    You will hear me, you will hear my pain
    My pain comes from people like you
    Those that know no better to hate and judge
    Is this not my problem, which it is
    You have no room to neither hate nor judge
    So if you want to hate and judge me now
    You better stop and think
    For people like you will not be heard from me
    Listen to me now, this is who I am
    Stop the hating
    Stop the judging
    Can you not see the pain
    The pain you give to others
    The pain caused my your hurtful words
    Did you hear my words
    Or did you ignore them
    Ignore hearing my pain you caused

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    keithrberryjr commented on Problem


    great poem.i really enjoyed it

    brave commented on Problem


    The heartless he's makes you the person you're.... A great person...

    brandon commented on Problem


    i can relate to this if u know wat i mean good job keep it coming

    mazin2500 commented on Problem


    Sense of high and pure ,you are Wonderful girl from\mazin2500( motaz ). cairo,egypt.

    Poetry is not the expression of personality but an escape from personality.

    T. S. Eliot (1888-1965) American-English poet and playwright.

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