Puppeteer Strings


Puppeteer Strings

I don't know what to do.

it seems I'm being pulled,

in half,

by two different people.


They are taking my emotions,

rolling them up,

into a ball,

and destroying them.


Do they really care how I feel,

They are running my life,

being the puppeteer,

just pullin on the strings to make me do what they want.


Do they really care its tearing me apart?

that no matter what I do,

I just can't..

make it stop.


My life is being run by outsiders,

not by me..

By people that used,

to be very close..my best friends even.


How do I get out of this,

get out of this cycle,

of hatred..

of controlling..


The choice is mine,

at least this one...

it's not anyone elses..



You don't get to make this one for me.

Because I'm finally.


to retake control of my own life


I'm going to take those strings,

those puppet strings,

tied to my arms and legs,

and I'm going to destroy them.


This is MY life,

and I'll tell you right now...


Not one person, is going to control it for me!


It's been months

since then,

and I'm still going strong,



I retook control,

made this about me,

I'm taking care of myself,

as it seems.


I've cut those strings,

never to be back again,

I've started over,

and I'm NEVER going back.

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Rhymer commented on Puppeteer Strings


I like the way the piece starts out, so indecsicive, bending to everyone elses wishes and desires. Then the an inner strength shines through and you find out you can make it by yourself. 10



Thank you

rsalassi commented on Puppeteer Strings


This proclamation reminds me of Scarlett's shaking her fist at heaven and declaring, "As God is my wirness, I'll never go hungry again. If I have to lie, steal, cheat, or kill, I'll never go hungry again.!" Good write.



HAHA! Thanks Smooge

cousinsoren commented on Puppeteer Strings


Smooge, you are Mindnumbing and Dano's daughter, I undersatand................LOL A chip of the old blocks! A poet before you were born! I speak to you in the words of my Friend, Angel33614.. I need say nothing more, but to tell you that your are developing a masterly and charming poetic style. Kudos! "I can certainly uynderstand and relate to the agnst and fustration of this write as it pours out of the very depths of your core, bravo! The emotions are strong, sincere, and raw, as is the point of your journey. We all feel like puppets on a string, at one point in our life or another, you may feel it is unique to your age but in truth many people never cut those strings and live thier whole life that way. At your age you feel controlled by your parents and perhaps manipulated by your friends or boyfriend, perhaps. As you get older you will learn this control is taken over by society, by the machine, by the government, by the corporate lader, by religion, you have yet to even realize how many more strings are attached to you that you have yet to even realize. In reality I am not sure if one can ever cut all the strings, it is near impossible, but one can choose whether to follow the strings or not. Life is a journey and one that has direction, while you may have a destiny, it is your choice as whether to forfill it. Not all the strings are bad, some help us and guide us along the path, the trick is finding the right strings to follow, the right path. Trust me I have tried to live with no strings, and walk upon your own path without direction, but if you wlak this path you will soon find yourself walking lost in the darkness of the abyss. Choose your path and always journey well! Purity of the soul, joruney well always!!! with grace and humility ANGEL"

carynontherhine commented on Puppeteer Strings


Well my dear, it looks as though you strongly made the right decisions for you and take hold they have been made and are in the past. I do think it wise to be proud of yourself for this step. It probably was not an easy one. Hugz



not at all got rid of some bad seeds in my ife and moved on

FranzJ commented on Puppeteer Strings


releasing like this shloud help clear your mimd to make the right decision - but it sounds like you already have - there will be many who will try to control you - alwyas strive to be your own person- very emotionl write for a 16 y/o - and please keep wtiting



Thank you. I will

A poem begins as a lump in the throat, a sense of wrong, a homesickness, a lovesickness. It finds the thought and the thought finds the words.

Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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