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    Poem Commentary

    This one was inspired by a particular planetary disorder. I've been meaning to write on this topic, or these topics, for about two years now. Like most of us here, I'm very passionate about this subject. Enjoy!
    ~Starred Rifts

    "Abstract Blue"

    In the clearest skies, in the clouded skies
    A spacious emptiness glissades along
    It's there as a haze, it's there at sunrise
    Even at sunfall, though never as long.

    Shuttles on their way, ever on their way
    Power by, never feeling the arcane
    Travel by, never knowing they're astray
    Airships sail near, yet can never remain.

    As the avian drift, and keep their mind
    The barrier stays in banks of white dye
    And it's always missed, mirrors of their kind
    It's never seen moving still like the sky.

    So past the skies they'll build their forevers
    And they'll be only of the finest lies
    In other skies, great finite forevers
    In other words, the farthest future cries.

    Trapped by escaping as they ever try
    Trapped in the eddy currents of each wake
    Trapped by forgetting they're made of sky
    Released when their souls serenade awake.

    This dirge of centuries in a decade
    This lament of proud satellites of black
    As the hearts of a sacred heartbeat fade
    As the day suns down on a blue whale's back.

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    DeepEclipse commented on "Abstract Blue"


    The way you wove the words draws the reader. How in parts it repeats itself at the beginning then changes view for each line. Poetry always fascinates me how it takes something some see as simple and stretches it out in perspective detail. Well woven piece

    mamasan commented on "Abstract Blue"


    Wow, my senses have come full-aft and ready to reread this great piece of writing by a dreamer who knows just where to look in the 'yonder blue' upward and beyond to find the best of what is meant to be. I wonder if he envisions a collision that may in the end end this spectacular show.......................

    Sleeves commented on "Abstract Blue"


    There are so many angles to this poem. Every time I read it it tells a different story. And that's the brilliance of it. Favorite.



    Thanks Sleeves. That one took an especial amount of work.

    Hampton commented on "Abstract Blue"


    A rather haunting piece partially obscured behind a veil of poetic artistry.



    HAMPS!!!!! That was rather pleasantly put. Ty, sir! Tis a tad obscure to be sure! I wasn't really shooting for 'haunting' but I can indeed definitely see where that would be seen. Ty again.

    HeavensGuardian commented on "Abstract Blue"


    What a delightful way of looking at clouds , to give back to them a breathless appluase, out standing work of creative inginuty.



    Ty, HG! That's a very interesting way of putting it, and very appreciated. Astrophysics is some funky stuff. I tried to qualitatively correlate an aspect of it to here on Earth. This one was a challenging write because it could have gone many directions. Glad you tripped on it, lol! I'll read more of your work, that Star Trek one is absolutely singular. God bless!

    Poetry is what gets lost in translation.

    Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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