"Knowing" Not...


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    "Knowing" Not...

    Art is my solace
    progeny I have not had
    as none would have me.

    I sign my pieces
    hashmarks on the bottom-side
    dated with care/love.

    Zen-thing creations
    putting mud into flames
    after spinning Oms.

    Love is suffused in
    for friendships and family
    My 'word' to honor.

    Making to-do lists
    I won't be an ancestor
    entropy proved this.

    My skill like 'Omar'
    drinking wine and making love
    a simple potter.

    No kudos for me
    nor children for the future
    regretful failure.

    Clay pots will all break
    many years in the future
    shards of my soul-speak.

    I 'will' into life
    as my death foreordained it
    non-descript passage.

    Who cares anyway?
    I want my ashes in clay
    molded and reworked.

    Some future useful
    perhaps by a child's fingers
    laughing unaware.


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    nosyrosy81 commented on "Knowing" Not...


    this sounds like a poem of regret...its sad....

    Poetry comes nearer to vital truth than history.

    Plato (BC 427-BC 347) Greek philosopher.

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