"My Life"


"My Life"

Living with a disease

Every moment of every day…

Telling my heart not to dwell

For what in my future might be held

Often feeling alone with this constant never ending fight…

Trying to live a balancing act…

That which is my life

Poking myself with needles…

Everyday… just to keep myself alive

Drops of blood from my finger tips…

Sometimes brings tears to my eyes

Some things people take for granted

For my life I cannot do

Everyone around me oblivious…

To my pain…

To my struggle too

Always thinking about my mortality…

The day when this disease may take my life

I have so much to live for

My loved ones are my life

God blessed me with this journey

I do cherish it so…

Tomorrow I will continue on…the fight for my life will go on

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WritingsByJanie commented on "My Life"


I assume this disease is diabetes or am I wrong. I have a degenerative bone disease and they just recently found a lump in my breast. I had a mammogram last week and a Dr.'s appt. this afternoon. I'll pray for you and you pray for me. Prayer partners! I really like your writing, from the gut, honest, and yet still leaving us with an uplifted feeling. Very nice. Your friend, Janie



You bet! It's a deal Janie.

bklynrizz commented on "My Life"


I truely hope this is not the case but a means of expression. You definitely captured an inner battle, don't give up the fight, keep the faith. Very emotional.



I have type 1 diabetes. That's what this poem is about. Thanks for the comments

countrypoet commented on "My Life"


I'm sorry that you have to carry such a burden in life .Sometimes God allows difficult things in our life to help us build stronger faith and build character.It takes a lot of pressure and many years to turn a piece of coal into a diamond.With your wonderful talent for poetry,your good attitude about life and your ability to inspire goodness in others you shine like a diamond.Keep on shining my friend!



Thanks Terry!

Poetry comes nearer to vital truth than history.

Plato (BC 427-BC 347) Greek philosopher.

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