"Scotengire's Missive"


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I wrote this in 2006. It started as just an experiment - rhyming the first words of each line in the first verse. I quickly abandoned that, but did still finish the poem.

When I was nine, I was fortunate enough to visit England. I believe that the vacation there affected my entire being, my soul, my subconscious. That region of the world is truly different, timeless, magical. So, in my poetry, I always strive to generate something that I regard as essential: Ambience. I think I usually fail at maintaining this subtlety - I'm my own worst critic. 

"Scotengire's Missive"

Fair are such glimmering lochs

Blue by sun, deeper till dawn

Bare not barren, ruins of docks

Unto unseen scapes and never gone.


Conifers avast wield the moon's rise

Owls and mist weave the quiet wood

To a clearing and quite by surprise

Mossy stones about me there stood.


In from a chill I froze even still

Black to violet to lavender and hues

Behold in the distance a private mill

And relics of thoughts and dusty pews.


An aeon, a zephyr, a sigh

Carried so faint a spectral chime

The ancient air, her secret cry

Quarrels are chains bitter as lime.

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mamasan commented on "Scotengire's Missive"


I planned but never got to live out my wish to see both England and Scotland. Thanks to your genius with words and extra sharp eyes and imagination............I have fulfilled that wish. I enjoyed the scenery from afar. Thanks you dreamer and may your dreams continue to be full of joy and bliss..........

stellar commented on "Scotengire's Missive"


love to close my eyes and feel the images here on your poem. It make me think of Lorien and Rivendell in the Lord of the rings...England is indeed beautiful and idyllic, you really justified its beauty by this wonderful poem.. ^_^ v



Ty Stell! That's quite a compliment, ty!

angel3337 commented on "Scotengire's Missive"


Loved this, so colorful to me there, like into a dream~



Ty, angel! Dreams were one aspect of it.

quickwrite commented on "Scotengire's Missive"


Wonderful, It created a vivid picture in my mind.



Mission accomplished! Lol! Ty, Q.

dahlusion commented on "Scotengire's Missive"


You, my friend, are one of the greats on this site. Verlain would be on his knees kissing each one of these perfectly crafted, beautifully placed, words.



Well, top 100 anyway, lol! As we all know here, poetry is an inexpensive creative activity. Ty Dah!

In science one tries to tell people, in such a way as to be understood by everyone, something that no one ever knew before. But in poetry, it's the exact opposite.

Franz Kafka (1883-1924) Czech writer.

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