Teen age life, so delicate a stage of life
No longer a kid, a half baked adult
Still wanting to play
 Anxious in choosing what to wear


Curiosity is high, adventures excites
Love, sports, drugs, travel
New things in life they want to try
Weak in temptation, easily victimized


Teens are flying high with dreams
Ideal in virtue, revolutionary in thoughts
Up-to date in technology
Trendy and smart


Some are weak and vulnerable
Others are strong willed to lead
They stand in what they believed
So frustrated when deceived


A teen will argue, I am not a kid
I can take care of myself
Behind those famous lines
A cry for freedom and a plea for trust


A Teen is like a vehicle
That needs a steering wheel
Like grain of rice that when you hold it tight
It will spill in between


Birds like teens
Needs air to breath, space to exercise his wings
Keep them strong, make them wise
Let them aim and ready to fly high


Teen age life, so enjoyable stage of life
I started as a baby, now I am adult
One wish, I will whisper
I wish I will be a teen again


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wheelsal commented on "Teens"


Well said and from someone who has been there is probably raising one. It wasn't my happiest years but you made it sound not so bad.

chwriter commented on "Teens"


Liked this very much, Ross! It had alot of variety in the words you chose. Very well written and true,I sometimes think we all wish we were teens again...life seemed easier then rather then at adults. Cindy



I am so happy that you like this one. Thank you so much.

nhorlandi commented on "Teens"


Your wish is granted, only in a dream. Me too I'd like to go back to my happy days. Yeah, this is nice read, lines flows well, you have a perfect theme and that is your wish to be young again. Your deep imagination commensurate to your subject. Well done, kabayan and see you!



Kabayan, thank you so much. I am happy to see that there are pinoys in this site. I just joined last June. 2 of my poems were written when I was a college afterwards. I just went back to writing this June. Again thank you for your very kindhearted comments.

goinwest commented on "Teens"


Ross! A Homerun out of the park... though continents apart your children and mine share the same spark birds they shall be regardless of our plea but as they flee so hopefully see to take our wisdom into their heart



I feel great hearing from you, my friend. Yes, let us help our kids to reach for the stars. Thanks.

Poetry is either something that lives like fire inside you or else it is nothing, an empty formalized bore around which pedants can endlessly drone their notes and explanations.

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