"The Maniac Part 3"


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    This is the thrid of the series.

    "The Maniac Part 3"

    The Maniac Part 3

    "The Beginning"

    ..Memories flood into his head as he reminisces on the past...
    ..Where he's been..
    ..What he's done..
    ..Who he's killed..
    ..It takes him back to the beginning..
    ..Where it all began with a fierce argument between him and his mom..

    They were fighting back and forth on a very insignificant matter
    When a push lead to a slap then to a shove...The rest is history
    Because he blacked out with rage the man would never know what really happened
    ..But what he does know..
    ..Is that he killed her!..
    When he woke up laying in her blood
    he felt no shame in what he had done
    In fact...He enjoyed the fact that he murdered his own mother!

    "She was a Bitch!"
    He said
    "She Deserved it!"
    He Said

    Comforting himself to the point 
    where he was convenced he had done the right thing!
    As he drifted further away from sanity he began to feel a need to kill
    It grew stronger and stronger each day!
    Until it became so irresistible...He snapped!

    One by one people started disappearing around town
    It was like the missing persons list was never ending!

    As he dragged the unfortunate into his cellar he felt no remorse
    Trying new ways to kill his victims in the seclusion of his basement

    Being a very well know doctor he had access to plenty of tools and drugs That he needed to perform his gruesome experiments

    It started with just random stabbing of hobos on the street
    To drugging people he didn't like
    and torturing them to the point of death

    Fascinated by the art of killing the man stopped going to work
    Spending all of his time occupying his new found hobby

    Ranging from electrocution to ritual style execution
    ..Murder had consumed him..
    No longer was murder his hobby
    It was now his life!
    ..and no one was going to take that away..

    The cops found him covered laying in his basement a few months later
    He was in the Fidela position sucking his thumb mumbling these words
    "I killed them.."
    "I killed them mommy.."
    "I killed them..for you.."
    "I killed them so you could.."
    He started laughing in a low eerie tone 
    and then said..
    "Have friends in hell!"

    Then he popped back into reality
    ...as the train full of passengers comes to a stop...
    "He then laughs quietly to himself"
    ..Because they are unknowing of their deadly company..

    A poem By: TheAngelOfDeath

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    melanie23 commented on "The Maniac Part 3"


    u know, if u turned this n2 a screen play it could very well make a horrific movie. well done

    FiloRozzell commented on "The Maniac Part 3"


    Now I am hooked on the ride this could be the making of a very good horror flick...

    soulwriter commented on "The Maniac Part 3"


    A trip that is mixed in a mind of insanity, and the readers take pity in the victims that were powerless to the vipers pit. The plot has a few minor holes, but I applaud you for a creation that has taken life in a cruel darkness of death manor, and so I move on - stealthily

    am2anangel commented on "The Maniac Part 3"


    Sharing the history of the insanity was a nice twist to bring the reader deeper into the story and the mind of the killer well done once again.

    RHPeat commented on "The Maniac Part 3"


    I say read more of Poe's short stories, for better presentations. There is some real eerie madness in his presentations where the insane real dance in the mind. I think all three of these things would be better presented as prose poems. The kind of look like that anyway. Just a thought. a poet friend// RH Peat

    Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words.

    Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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