"The Maniac Part 6"


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    Poem Commentary

    This poem is Part of his life that was not told before his tragic death...
    I hope you enjoy this twist leading up to WHY he killed himself?

    The plot thickens...

    I love feed back let me know what you think
    Your freind and fellow poet

    "The Maniac Part 6"

    "The Maniac Part 6"
    "The Girl"

    Time stands still
    as another soul breaks from its humanity
    Droves of body's piled nearly to the celling
    mark the untimely house with death's smell
    The Gruesome odor of decay has become a normalcy to this place
    For within these walls
    lies a man by the man
    John Riddic

    "Ah I see we have a struggler today...hmmm"
    John says as the woman frantically pulls on the restraints

    "What is your name?"
    He asks in a calm collected voice

    "my..my..my name?"
    She mumbles nervously

    "Yes...What is your name?"
    He asks again

    She answered

    "Well share would you like to know what I will be doing to you today?"
     He asks towering above her with a wicked smile?

    She Screams!

    "Then maybe I should have killed you that night while you were asleep?"
    "Whats the point of keeping you alive if your not any fun?"
    He says in a slow wicked voice

    "No! don't kill me! I'll be fun! I promise!"
    She yells in a desperate attempt at survival

    "Oh goody! What should we do first?"

    He stops in the middle of the bloody death filled room 

    Then says
    I know! Lets play a game!

    What kind of game?
    The girl asks

    A fun game
    He replies

    These are the rules:
    He says

    I will let you free from your restraints and I will not kill you. But you must do whatever I tell you without question. I will keep you feed and in good health as long as you follow by these rules and do not try to escape. If you can do this for one year I will set you free.
    How does that sound? hmmm

    Knowing this was her only chance to live
    She agreed

    OK then it's settled!
    I've always wanted an assistant!
    Oh goody!

    He cut her loose from the restraints and before she had time to even stand up!
    He says

    Girl! Bring me that man over their in the corner!

    Yes sir!
    She says in fear of being killed!

    With the strength she has left she picks up the mans body and begins to carry it to her new master

    Then she hears a mumble coming from the mutilated body. She looks down into his face and screams!

    ...Oh My God!...

    ....To Be Continued....

    A poem by: TheAngleOfDeath

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    melanie23 commented on "The Maniac Part 6"


    wow. very descriptive. desturbing but absolutly great.

    klassik commented on "The Maniac Part 6"


    whoa! you got me on that at this point right here i am hook this is real nice, congrats

    beautifuldeath commented on "The Maniac Part 6"


    Intense!!!!! wow the story does go on..... I am enjoying very much. 10 from me

    FiloRozzell commented on "The Maniac Part 6"


    oh snap! the plot does thickens, I see that this has more...on to pt 7

    papapaczki commented on "The Maniac Part 6"


    WOAH! Father! Just when you wonder if she has plans to escape, or really fullfill the year, she loses it at a cliffhanger.



    This is one of my favorite cliff hnagers yet :) I havent started on the next YET BUT I will perrty soon. I want the next one to be even better than this one.

    Poetry is not the expression of personality but an escape from personality.

    T. S. Eliot (1888-1965) American-English poet and playwright.

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