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    The rain is falling,
    Steadily upon the roof,
    The thunder calling,
    Always more than a little aloof.

    O, how I love the rain,
    It cleanses the soul,
    And washes away the pain,
    Once more making me whole.

    The air is so clean,
    I fill my lungs with the sweet scent,
    As I exhale I feel pristine,
    But the rain does not relent.

    Rain falls all around,
    Soaking through my clothes,
    I let go of how tightly I am wound,
    And feel how my happiness grows.

    I look up into the sky,
    As water pours down my face,
    I feel as though I can fly,
    The pure elation, my heart doth embrace.

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    ApaqRasgirl commented on Rain


    this was great, I love the rain on a tin roof, it is so relaxing and mesmerizing but I hate strong winds which I wrote about one night I had in a strong wind called a frightening night. you are truly wonderful with your words, keep sharing thanks love Asha



    Thank you Asha. I too love rain on a tin roof, and i also hate strong winds. I live where the wind is almost constant, it is awful!

    gogant commented on Rain


    Ahhhh, Alexia, your words are so refreshing..........standing out there in the heat of the day while the cool drops of a spring shower cools one's soul, and warms their heart.....................................g



    Thank you G!!! you always such beautiful comments

    Poetry is what is lost in translation.

    Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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