Reality of the Gospel


Reality of the Gospel

Reality of the Gospel

Blessed be the ultimate name Y'SHUAH

Blessed the “I AM” the beautiful “God is Salvation”

YHWH the true GOD of gods and LORD of lords

May the jubilee plan of reconciliation be completed

A man from the ancient times lived as he also died and rose again

JESUS CHRIST is the transliteration of HIS sacred name

Old testament, YHWH, and than new testament, Y'SHUAH

Hebrew original name stolen and misrepresented, So to all I declare this Simple Gospel

Our Heavenly Father, YHWH, came down as flesh for a spiritual reason

Lived as a human and conquered death and life and even got beaten

you cannot say HE did not know our struggles at judgement season

For in HIS wisdom and not ours, HE did live through our malicious and vicious freedom

YHWH is omnipresent, omniscient, and omnipotent

Therefore why do we question HIS very essence

Unlimited power, the ONE who knows all and simultaneously everywhere

In fact think about it, why is your heart in anarchy, do you even care!!!

Since the old times the confusion was and is at hand

New world order, Illuminati, all anti-christs playing us like a robotic marching band

Down to the pit with no souls as we get hit with seven bowls

The Word is easy to comprehend, just take time to listen!!!

Read with enthusiastic and not as a lunatic

Prophecy fulfilled on Calvary so we do have Victory

Y'SHUAH died and rose again restoring all

As HE IS the beginning and end

Psalm 22, in fact says it all, just prophecy at its call

Verse one says, “ My GOD, My GOD, why hast thou forsaken me?

Why art thou so far from hearing me, and from the words of my roaring?

Read it all and see how YHWH falls

Isaiah 51 and 53 as to also chapter 9 says it clearly

So why do you live in the watchers matrix blind of reality

Listen again to the words of Y'SHUAH in Matthew 27 verse 46t

Same exact quote of the claimed prophecy just being into realization of physical momentum

Go back to the foundations, praise YHWH the resurrected Y'SHUAH and know where your from

Get out of Babylon and be free from spiritual confusion

Subliminal messages carries and collects divine energy

Don't be a toy, a puppet to the media, chained as society's slave in the eternal bakery

Sin is awful, in fact the keys to death, be aware of dimensional bluffs

Gospel is power to salvation in whom who believes

Shake out the illusion and don't be deadly deceived

Bible is truth and wonderful not a controlling myth

It's all in all, the Word that breaks the cuffs

Blessed be the name YHWH, the sacred name

Blessed be the events of Calvary, the theme of this game

Hallelujah Y'SHUAH with all praise and glory, I am not ashamed

Get to know YHWH the Heavenly Father whom never forsakes and always call you by your name

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Tarlton009 commented on Reality of the Gospel


Amen, God is truely an amazing God, thank you so much for sharing.




angel33614 commented on Reality of the Gospel


Never be ashamed of who you are and what you beleive, if you give up you just feed into the illusion of lies, this is what they want. Your words spead the truth, the problem is what you have to say, it is more that the words fall upon deaf ears and ignorant hearts, don't be discouraged. Even if they are deaf to the words in thier mind, thier soul hear them loud and clear, just sometimes takes awhile for God to work his magic. I say keeop spreading the good word, there is no harm in it my friend, only good, you are only spreading the light and love of the LORD. Just don't take it upon youe shoyulders to bare the weight of the world, it is not your job, it is his. Spread the word, spread the light, and let god do the rest. He has ways of reahing into people's hearts and souls that we can not even comprehend. You poem is great, written to perfection, just don't feel the need to bare all the weight... We each have our own journey to live and are called to the lord in different ways, I found the lord in the darkness... In the depths of the darknest of places is where I foud the brightest and purest of light. Read lots in the darkenss when you get time, you will see my journey. We each have our own path to follow in the darkness of this world, we each have our own mission, don't let your's become off track just because of ignorant souls. If you feel the lord has called you to write this kindof poetry and spread the light in his name than don't let anything or anyone stand in your way. Sure you will find a lot of resistance and many obstacles, but this is in truth, life. The closer you become to GOD the more one must suffer in his name, this is the path few have traveled but one of great reward... Food for thought my friend, don't stop writing your passion and your faith. To lost faith is to lose direction and become lost in the darkness... Purity of the soul, journey well!!! with grace and humility you friend of the light ANGEL




dahlusion commented on Reality of the Gospel


thanks for the invite to read this information. bravo!! peace and light, dah




NativeAmeriGirl commented on Reality of the Gospel


Mucho muy bien!!!!!! You are a true believer that continues to shine with the greatness of spiritual creativity given from Up Above, smile!!! I stand and applaude mi amigo.....God Bless and Keep the Faith!!!! Siempre, Native



thanks but all PRAISE IS TO YHVH

JamilahAyanna commented on Reality of the Gospel


Dis deff proves I need 2 get back into reading my bible more. I loved how u incorporated pieces of the bible 2 go along with it and ppl should read dis and get more equipped with the Word itself, very strong piece I love it...



well read on darling for the Bible is your weapon

Poetry is finer and more philosophical than history; for poetry expresses the universal, and history only the particular.

Aristotle (384 BC-322 BC) Greek philosopher.

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