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    • dragonfly1023
    • is thinking, once the tip is gone... it's pointless.

    Poem Commentary

    there are some losses only memories can resolve...


    starting from the light
    that reflected through the window pane,
    seeing all those times again, 
    reflections in my mind.

    prisms from the glass
    casting colors on the wall to see,
    paled by those you left with me,
    reflections in my mind.

    burning through the darkness
    like a blinding super-nova
    setting fire to the shadows
    all around here
    trying to take over me.

    rising like and island
    on the deepest ocean waters
    giving shelter from a drowning
    by the cold waves
    that have crashed over me,

    crashed over me.

    starting from the light
    that reflected through the window pane;
            seeing saved my life again, 
                  reflections in my mind.

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    Chaos128 commented on Reflections


    Memories are a two edged sword, sometimes. They entertain us with images from happier times, but thereâs always a price to payârealization that the remembered image pales in comparison to the long ago reality it reflects. You done good here, Dragon!

    Charlie23 commented on Reflections


    I love this poem! You have such a way with your wording, and the imagery it brings about! My favorite is the first three lines of the 4th paragraph within this poem, although the poem throughout is great on open eyes!

    SavVySam commented on Reflections


    The fires of illumination burn brightly within this piece chasing away the threatening shadows. Very nicely done!

    laydbak1 commented on Reflections


    I was briefly caught up in the image of the light through the pane, how it illuminated everything in the room, self included... stepping from a shadow, it feels like wave or warmth, and for some moments in time, the mind is set free to reminisce a past love... Great imagery here... Good write..



    thanks ladtbak1. there were moments I that welcomed memories like this.

    optimistic commented on Reflections


    This piece to me was truly amazing, this line just stunned me truly unique" Burning through the darkness like a blinding super--nova setting fire to the shadows all around here trying to take over me. deep real deep to me the was a symbol to something really important, it took me there.



    thanks opt. these words sprang from a dark time and each vision was life saving.

    Poetry is either something that lives like fire inside you or else it is nothing, an empty formalized bore around which pedants can endlessly drone their notes and explanations.

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