• Lost Love


    R –          eaching out for someone physically and emotionally, when that someone could give a flying fig whether or not you exist


    E -           xpecting  more, just because you’ve given more; who made up these rules?  We certainly didn’t, but we’re expected to abide by them; how utterly ridiculous.!


    J -            ustifying calling one more time, just in case he’s changed his mind; he hasn’t and he won’t.  Leave it alone.  You’re making a fool of yourself.  Where’s your self-respect?


    E -           xcuses – any excuse to forgive him; maybe the fact that you caught him in bed with another woman – your bed – isn’t as awful as you first thought.  Get real, woman.  As my mama used to say, “there are too many fish in the sea,” so pleasssssssssse, girlfriend, throw this one back!


    C -           reate a new reality; the one you’re currently living in isn’t working.  He does not want you.  He does not call you.  He hasn’t sent flowers and he won’t.  Don’t get slap happy when the phone rings, giddy at the prospect that it’s him – it isn’t.  This is not, I repeat, this is NOT the end of the world (although somehow Armageddon is more appealing than the rush of emotions you’re dealing with at the moment).


    T -           ragic as it may be, don’t dump this crap on your best friend.  She’s heard it all before (you have been through this before, right) and she’s sick of your stupidity.  You should be sick of your stupidity.  Write all this mess in a journal or something.  Poetry works for me (smile).


    I -            nsist on authenticity the next time around.  Make sure he’s authentic and girlfriend, a word to the wise – you be your true and authentic self.  Don’t pretend to be someone you know you aren’t just to get a man and if he even shows a hint of being someone who doesn’t meet all the criteria on your list – you do have a list – that’s another poem – drop him.  Don’t waste anymore of your valuable time. 


    O -           racle – you don’t need one to get the right man; what you need is common sense, wisdom, and time.  Spend some time getting to know yourself and please do know EXACTLY what you require in a man.  He may be fine, but will that matter when the two of you realize that you want kids and he doesn’t?  Will it matter if his credit is jacked up and yours is perfect?  Think about it.  I love a man who can “talk to me” and I mean “talk to me” about anything.  What’s important to you? 


    N -           Never give up.  Another one of my mother’s favorite sayings and she could come up with some doozies – is – “one monkey don’t stop no show.”  So, “today” your heart is broken.  You’ll feel better tomorrow.  Maybe not so good the next day, but it will get better over time.  Stop dwelling on what you don’t have and move on towards what you can have.  You’re a good woman.  Hold your head up.  Why allow one man to determine how your life turns out?  Is he worth all that?  Hell no, I don’t think so.


    Kick rejection to the curb and get out there and live your life.  When you aren’t expecting it, “the” man will enter the picture; how can you be ready for him if you’re at home depressed and distressed over the one who got away.  You’ll be so glad you let him go when you’re swinging from the chandelier with your new boo.  I know I will!

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    Poetry is not the expression of personality but an escape from personality.

    T. S. Eliot (1888-1965) American-English poet and playwright.

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