Requiem for Cliff


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    Requiem for Cliff

    Man, you really burned bright, that subplanetary glow infected, affected each of us. Somehow, Someway, and Somewhere.
    Mostly in our minds, always in our hearts. You never failed to ensure those closest to your heart remained there.What warmth you prevailed upon we choosen few.
    Those unexpected treasure's found in the mail. Written upon a postcard picked up during some shared moment we experienced together.
    Truly the greatest of these laconic gifts you rendered must be the small hand made wooden matchboxes. Each given thought in there creation to bestow your affection for the individual.
    We always knew how much you cared. Especially when one contained a favorite quote or lyric written on the inside.
    What we found in you my friend, a gleaming heart of gold. An infectious spirit that touched every soul that stepped into your brilliance. The imprints left on countless friends stretch from coast to coast.
    We lucky few that encountered you felt acceptance from you, traveled the endless road with you, lived beside you, and became the basis for the Bus Chronicles with you, miss you completely.
    We may gather together to share the journey's made as we stumbled in and out of your life. Struggling to manage a smile even when we know you would find all this funny.
    Fend well mighty warrior, know and feel how you are missed, loved and remembered.........

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    satch commented on Requiem for Cliff


    Special people are certainly worth remembering setting a path to lite our way A very nice dedication to this special one who shared with others.

    origionalmerlin commented on Requiem for Cliff


    good read here

    To have great poets there must be great audiences too.

    Walt Whitman, American Poet (1819-1892)

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