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    More ideas I couldn't get into here:

    I am not saying I am an expert, but come on guys...

    Rhyming Poems

    A poem has a rhythm, a pleasing rhythmic beat,
    The reader of a poem receives a pleasant treat.
    If your message rhymes follow these rules,
    Make a nice pattern and use these tools.

    First and second line can be the same.
    Others choose first and third to claim fame.
    What ever you choose stick to your design.
    Let your thoughts grow like grapes on the vine.


    Follow your rule throughout your poem,
    Your aim is to keep the idea flowin’.
    Make your poem sing to all who hear.
    Don’t throw in some words, choose them with care.


    Even the syllables should follow a pattern.
    Don’t just throw in a word such as Saturn.
    Don’t sell off your poem to make it fit.
    Throw in some humor and use your wit.

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    Luwonda commented on Rhyming Poems


    Thanks for the pleasing rhythmic beat. I did not know that the first and second lines could be the same. And thank you for the reminder of syllables and stick to a pattern.



    Well not actually the same. Just rhyme the same. This was one of my first poems when I was diving into poetry. I researched poetry a little and decided to rhyme about my research.

    ApaqRasgirl commented on Rhyming Poems


    ok I see what you mean with this, I have done the first and third lines before, but guess ive done two many of ones with the four lines rhyming, now I know what to do better next time. thanks dear for all your help. loves ya asha



    There are all sorts of patterns. Many times, when I start a poem I don't care about rhyming a first. I just write down my thoughts on a subject. I then try to find out where I can rhyme. Thanks for reading, Al :)

    rsalassi commented on Rhyming Poems


    A second visit to this poem reassures me life is worth living after all. But what of those who say rules are great, bla, bla, bla, but who doesn't drive above the speed limit? who doesn't sometimes lie out of convenience? who doesn't always return the shopping cart to its corral in the parking lot? And then there those of us who pick which rules we want to follow and which to ignore? I don't need to tell you, Oblaidon, life is a real bitch sometimes!



    An art teacher once told me, "You have to learn how to draw the bowls of fruit before you can create your abstract Picasso." Thank you for all your comments.

    Tempestlady commented on Rhyming Poems


    Guidelines, how nicely done. Broke it down for everyone to see. It's not that hard, it's just poetry. Right? Write on......

    BrittKun commented on Rhyming Poems


    I like Very clever of you. A list of how to right poetry.!!! 10

    Poetry comes nearer to vital truth than history.

    Plato (BC 427-BC 347) Greek philosopher.

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