Rimbaud In A Dream


Rimbaud In A Dream

My Rimbaud dream,
My own small boat
Slowly sails down Styx
Without a breeze
Pushed ever so slowly down
By the raging tempest

My season,
Like these Sonoran landscapes
Never changes.
Hell, Eternal Hell.
My childhood companion,
My lover;
My murderer, My judge;
Myself; imagined as reality.

I watched myself staring at me
From within the mirror;
Saw those beady eye, judgmental eyes.

I puzzled at the disgust
With which my world presented itself.
Its self-pity so over-rated
So over played,
Yet so overdue.

There are no Foreign Legion
Escape routes today.
The sands of distant desert
Now traverse digital sand dunes
Where faceless Legionnaire’s numb
Their pains with a liqueur
Made from the identities
Of the Chameleon People.

Those ones who have so mastered
Mastered the arts of the Chameleon
That they themselves no longer
Who they are.
So they change

Forever the same
For never the same, changing
Like some kaleidoscope
Broken, its pieces shattered and
Left as little colored pieces of glass
Or a shattered stained glass window

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ivecute77 commented on Rimbaud In A Dream





I know that you commented on this poem & may have wondered if I were still around; well I am & I truly enjoyed your compliment is cherrished! I can write well, but navigating the features and changes of this site has challenged me. :) Since your comment I have posted quite a number more. I had planned to publish my book last May; however it will not be available until November. Since you are one of my earliest "fans" on this site, I will make sure that you get a signed copy. Not sure whether it will be an E Book, hard cover or paperback; but I will put your name on the list to receive a copy. Once again, Thanks for the compliment and encouragement from my earliest days on this site. Sincerely, Justin

Poetry is not the expression of personality but an escape from personality.

T. S. Eliot (1888-1965) American-English poet and playwright.


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