Ring a Bell


Ring a Bell

Ring a Bell


Stop tripping; YAH never made this, the world is a playground with just little rules, Leviticus!

YHWH is sad and furious; this world is delirious, ridiculous, no jokes but pure malicious, read Amos!

We some lustful pagans wicked in our ways, liars and fornicators nicely feeding our flesh; will we ever think about the commandments in Exodus!

Please folks turn back to your roots, stop the religious madness, and go to James 1:23-27, and read it for yourself; embrace Genesis.

Prophecies unfold, calamity of slavery, a nation unknown, and a history untold. The massacre of European ships ride by Deuteronomy 28 so realize that you are living this prophecy and get real on the book of Titus.

Like dogs we go back to our vomits, we struggle day by day trying to put a smile on HIS face, can’t we just obey the Proverbs!

Sinfulness sin, barking hell hounds, hears the trumpet sounds feeling lost and found in these oblivious rounds!

We here banging and dancing, singing and chanting, demon loving being the sweet devil’s clowns

A frown in HIS face, crying tears of blood, regretting Calvary and displeased in victory, we stole HIS glorious crown?

Like the vulture we wonder and wander in anarchy proclaiming self-righteousness with full vanity.

How about back in Numbers and Deuteronomy when the days and times were arranged

In Genesis we see evening to morning as to sunset to sunset; we ignorantly obeyed sin flipping that script for sunrise to sunrise; you’re still praising the Egyptian sun god!!!

Sunday mass or Sunday service spiting on HIS name and sinning on Sabbath.

You be clubbing through carnal love by Friday morning just bashing through the melody of erotically motions until Saturday night but rather instead of praising HIS name in harmony of the beautiful Psalms.

Now the works of the flesh which you manifest are these: fornication, uncleanness, lasciviousness, idolatry, sorcery, enmities, strife, jealousies, wraths, factions, divisions, parties, envying, drunkenness, reveling, and such like. Read Galatians!!!

By the images of Hollywood you are raised and by the laws of a renegade you are judged, wake up and smell the coffee; at judgment day just please don’t hold a grudge.

We changed HIS words into venom spit balls; we changed HIS name and made a pagan install, so do expect a serious hell in a cell brawl.

In the center of HIS town hall, your name is not in the book of life, you went short on these 613 commandments, on the ground you fall and now you can’t crawl.

Defiling HIS nature, comparing HIM to them statues of stone and wood like HE did not create you all

Pick up this phone call, listen to the words of the Torah, return Israel and hey church don’t be a long haul!!!

Come back quickly before it is too late; be free to this system of hate, make haste and don’t waste, don’t wait for Saint Paul but here are the four gospels; just stop think and recall.

Why you looking for signs as to miracles when you are supposed to be that sign, you a Hebrew not a gentile, the head not the tail, supposedly the template of a true worshiper to them all!

The gospel is dead and bloody through our cell walls, operating not forestall.

Some of us just pray for needs, only living by experience to avoid the oblivion hell yells.

We don’t love HIM for real; we don’t fear HIS name, in fact we just kicking it until we hear those bells!

Blasphemy is to HIS shame as for idolatry robbed HIS fame, Torah in our blood cells but camorra is foretell; so we deal with lady Babylon for a soft sell in any motel!

The religious cartel of this illuminati dispel is generously working well.

This is not DC or Marvel, it is your reality not a dream but a biblical lifestyle in which to compel.

So why don’t you go back home and run from this hard sell of sin to death, leave this wealth yard sell!

A call to you all HIS people, an earth, one language, and the beauty of YHWH, listen to the death knell.

HE paid the price, praise and worship of YEHOSHUA (YHWH) is not a sacrifice!!!

It is love, joy, peace, long-suffering, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, meekness, self-control; against such there is no law. They that are of YHWH have crucified the flesh with the passions and this lust thereof, so please stop the love making with spiritual belle the tempting mademoiselle.

Do let HIS love propel, do not be a rebel, obliterate sin and fill your blank shell with the gospel as well!

I am sinner locked in hell for being a deceiving gazelle, these blazing flames are increasing therefore farewell.

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NativeAmeriGirl commented on Ring a Bell


As siempre u seem 2 state the ovious, and clarify the Utmost with Glorious wnder thrgh Spoken Word....Muy Bien!!!! B Blessed, Native....




ontherise1984 commented on Ring a Bell


Wow this is an amazing, an the best I have seen you write BY FAR 15 out of 10.






now that i have grown in the knowledge of GOD .......THE NAME IS YEHOSHUA HAMASHIACH .IM NOW USING OLD TESTAMENT AND REAL NAME OF GOD WHICH IS YAHWEH OR YEHOSHUA.......letter j is invented in 1600s so the name jesus we use is well not correct at all.......according to the random house 1978 dictionary that name(jesus) means devil or horse lol



now that i have grown in the knowledge of GOD .......THE NAME IS YEHOSHUA HAMASHIACH .IM NOW USING OLD TESTAMENT AND REAL NAME OF GOD WHICH IS YAHWEH OR YEHOSHUA.......letter j is invented in 1600s so the name jesus we use is well not correct at all.......according to the random house 1978 dictionary that name(jesus) means devil or horse lol

Mrpoetry commented on Ring a Bell


great poem my brother In CHRIST............................................



BE BLESSED IN YEHOSHUA HAMASHIACH YHWH EHYEH ASHER EHYEH...learn hebrew and read bible in concrete mindset aka hebrew mindset...do not read bible in abstract mindset the greek or western way..just advice

FordLove commented on Ring a Bell


You are a real soldier. I like the way you think. Can i borrow your brain for a few months? Really digging the info. Your courage is undisputed. Keep the faith and the path of rightousness.




persephone commented on Ring a Bell


Very passionate, dearest Greg; like a sword being tempered by the flames we fight the demons to embrace the Light and fulfill our destiny...keep battling!




Poetry is either something that lives like fire inside you or else it is nothing, an empty formalized bore around which pedants can endlessly drone their notes and explanations.

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