rising up


rising up

Where is my head, its just not straight

I was early now I am late

Frolicking around in timeless travel

Stirring up dusty gravel

Knowing what I really desire

Hiding in this burning fire

I am screaming in utter silence

My mind in filled with wicked violence

Dancing demons always creeping

From the edge always leaping

Kamikaze -crazy dance

Close my eyes and take a chance

Half way there winding path

Darkness calling taste of wrath

Restless evil slowly breathing

In my ear never leaving

Like a song sweet as rain

Melting scabs soothe my pain

In this life it seems so tragic

Dieing youth the loss of magic

Blinded by how it’s said to be

Living their reality

Cold and restless something’s missing

In the silence a constant hissing

Say my name it brings true power

Concur all and devour

From east to west south to north

Total balance to follow forth

No looking back just proceed

Having all that you need

In a circle sprinkle salt

Just incase it is your fault

Burning sage it’s so inviting

Soothes the rage not worth fighting

Calm yet restless ready to play

Following my orders as I say

Filled with laughter sly yet quite

No one believes so they won’t buy it

My words are evil but my hands are clean

No one knows what I’ve seen…….

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Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words.

Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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