What is as it was w/o cause for b/c?


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    What is as it was w/o cause for b/c?

    What is as it was without a cause for because?


    Not fudged or stance budged or indignantly nudged

    Unpersuaded away from its constant array

    Liars final resort of final retort


    Companion of laws without fault or know flaws

    A Kings promise of freedom of this is what leads 'em

    Lens to knowledge through which falsehoods abolished

    Coherence to fact is what gives it its knack


    Said to be absolute from the mouths of kings

    Not one false step in its in betweens

    Lurks like dark 

    Lives without spark


    Travels without flue as the universal glue

    Stands, llike some, stalwort and calm

    even in the fury of hell it wouldn't be wrong

    Too ubiquitous to quell

    The evasive stool on which thinkers wish to dwell


    Masses consent to make of it some sence

    A social construction by imperfect deduction

    Its aim doesn't miss or its omnipresence dismissed

    Not purposed to please or bring fate to its knees


    Ugliness hides from where this and beauty reside

    As fair as the glare from a bare angels stare

    Right as Pythagorases most famous theorem

    Drunk as a monk on veritas serem


    "Pardon me boy but i've no need to be coy

    Concurrently sir I remain undeterred

    Honestly ma'am, I always was what I am"


    What am I?

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    Poetry is what gets lost in translation.

    Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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