Roots to Grow and Wings to Fly


Roots to Grow and Wings to Fly

I need new wings to soar above these expectations I set before my eyes

My heart needs roots to grow in faith as this darkness hides my lies

While these scars expose a weakness I bear amongst my bleeding hands

I’ve sown this broken soul together but brought pain that always demands

An explanation that has no reason as I follow in another’s footsteps again

My wounds will bear my testimony of shame that leaves me hurting within


Why do I run to escape the disgrace I bring myself from unjustly acts I do?

Kissing my life goodbye as I watch these dreams vanish like morning dew

Today is almost over and tomorrow will finally be near to bring a new day

Are the winds of disaster stirring up trouble, take caution for there is a way?


We can break free and come to our senses by letting our eyes be open to see

There’s a life on the inside of our broken vessels that speaks of great love to me

As a revolution rises up like great empires that soon die to bring forth a legacy

In this mysterious world where I’ve just begun to understand who I need to be


So go and bury your past for the future is making way for a brighter tomorrow

It’s time to find that place of paradise where our souls can leave all our sorrow

For life is a blessing that we take for granted and seem to forget what it means?

To live for a purpose that we were designed to embrace but have let go unseen


May my words of encouragement never go ignored for they can build a champ?

Now is the moment to carry your sword and never let your heart grow damp

For failures can steal our confidence so that we lose all hope of gaining success

I pray that I never see you fall in despair and build roots that will truly impress


Brett Fletcher 5-9-05


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shhhhh commented on Roots to Grow and Wings to Fly


loved it! very inspiring full of your faith and faith for others great write. -Tonya

winterkou commented on Roots to Grow and Wings to Fly


very inspirational and passionate write.I love this poem, it is an awesome write.

Poetry is either something that lives like fire inside you or else it is nothing, an empty formalized bore around which pedants can endlessly drone their notes and explanations.

Unknown Source

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