Save Me


Save Me

I write this not becuz of fear but becuz of something deeper, wishing that something could be done about the feelings that i have that could not be explained or understood…some people think of me and think they know me but only know certain things of me and some things that i lead them to believe…far be it from me to know myself but sometimes i as a human be lost, sometimes being found and sometimes losing the way…hoping and wishing that i was just as human as the next man, being the same as humanity but being in my own uniqueness…let that set me apart from others but let that put in with the same others as i wish to be separated from…reach out to me…Save Me…

 These words i type, you may not understand…they land on paper just as they run across my mind…such an empty space there becuz nothing carries in me and nothing comes from me…let me be who i be with the loves i love with and the hates i try to part from…allow me to be free as my mind be in prison, wishing i could break free but sometimes the demons i try to get rid of have a better hold of me than even i once thought they would…they lead me into temptation but i try and flee them and yet they can outrun me so must i outsmart them...hide and seek the game, hoping the demons i once possessed cant find me...feel what i say with your ears and your heart...close your eyes for me…Save Me…

 I asked to be saved, i asked to be set free…sometimes i imagine i can fly feeling free but then reality sets, freedom not as free as once thought but just a state of mind…freedom has a high price, sometimes cannot be afforded, just to window-shop and hope, wish…my poetry, my thoughts, my life, my passion, my feel, makes me who i am…they feel for me but only when i allow them, only when i let them in…i'm sorry caged bird, so shall you be set free…your freedom not my freedom, your price not high like the price i must pay…sad don’t be the choice, just be the chance…read my heart, allow my flow, raise your hand…Save Me…


                                                                     - Edward Orlando Griffin

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Poetry is what gets lost in translation.

Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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