Scarlet Tears


Poem Commentary

This Poem is dedicated to those who have gone through a place in their life where they just want to give up and end it all. I pray that this poem will touch those who are going through it that there is hope.

Scarlet Tears

Can she scream?

She can cry silently
Cry Scarlet Tears.
as the tears fall down,
they sting the scars
she raises the blade....
and throws it across the floor
no more.

She raises her head
Sees the storm clouds gather
In a purple sky
The rain begins to fall
and washes away the Scarlet Tears.

The rain
brings cool life to her skin
Covers her, drenches her
The Scarlet stains her shirt
She leaps....
Into a puddle and splashes the water,
So cool and cleansing
onto her legs and into her face.

Her blue eyes bare.
The makeup washed away
Scarlet Tears are no more
The lies are gone
The past...

But all this time,
She swam in the lie
That he really loved her
But he really didn't...
And even though he says he still does,
she knows he doesn't

The Scarlet Tears
Come to haunt her again
And the rain
Cannot wash them away.
They sunk down deep
into her skin
and poisoned her.

When the rain came again
She raised the blade again
And the wind took it away...
But it pricked her finger
And she fell to the ground
A Scarlet Pool around her...

The Scarlet Tears still haunt her
Even though it's been years
since she's started over again
Her fear will never leave her
Fear of lies,
Fear of love,
Fear of hurt,
Fear of hate,
Fear of rejection...

She chases the wind
Listens to it's whispers
And into the night
She disappears
Running after the blade...

And back to Scarlet Tears

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sk8ergirl commented on Scarlet Tears


wow that was a great poem a lot of emotion and i can kinda relate to it because i have been through it

amithissecret commented on Scarlet Tears


wow thats amazing im at a tough moment in life my self but his gives a second meaning to life very lovely poem indeed

SuperChick76 commented on Scarlet Tears


I agree with rygar, you do have some nice raw talent. I think the flow of the poem was a bit off, though. Maybe add a syllible here take one or two out there, etc. it could be a Great poem instead of just a Good poem. But you did capture hopelessness very well, and it was extremely heartfelt. It was a nice write, with some great potential. Good job :)

HopeOhlarik commented on Scarlet Tears


i know what this feels, like the fear side of it. but you have to rise up outta the ashes and become a beautiful bird like God ment for you to be. and if you need help getting there, then let me know. i'll give ya all the help I can. *hugs* take care

Rygar commented on Scarlet Tears


thought provoking, well written, expressive, and heartfelt. i think you have raw talent. its a pleasure to read your work, and an honor to be your friend.

Poetry is either something that lives like fire inside you or else it is nothing, an empty formalized bore around which pedants can endlessly drone their notes and explanations.

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