• Heat


    I feel as a dried worm in noon day’s sun.
    If heat had weight I’d be lifting a ton.
    There is no relief from the valley’s scorch.
    The left side of my face hot as a torch.

    It is a dry heat as they forever say,
    So is the furnace baking the hard clay.
    As I sit and wait for heat to subside.
    Only water here are tears I have cried.

    I need some help to continue this march.
    A sip of water for my tongue so parched.
    God, give me a sign you can feel my pain.
    Is it too much to ask? I ask for some rain.

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    knight4696 commented on Scorched


    Al .. Very creative pal! :) I love the line about the "Dry Heat" .. In San Antonio we had only 2.5 days of rain in 2.5 months, but honestly I enjoy it. In New England it seems it either rains or snows .. and both are an acquired taste. One that usually leaves me bitter. :) Great write as usual! :) Ken

    blackfootlady commented on Scorched


    Tear of Joy that only I can Imagine are being asked for I hope.This was a very interesting write.TY for sharing Your poem with Me.I'm sorry I took so long to get To this.God Bless-Black.



    No problem. Thanks for reading. :)



    N/P My Pleasure,Friend.I mean You did the work,right!

    Tempestlady commented on Scorched


    Rain, down here is as precious as a child at times. I can relate to this one just because of living my 46 years enduring Texas in June and July every year for 46 yrs. A lyric like piece which awoke memories and lightened my heart also a bit. Sounds like real poetry to me..Write on.....

    MarionYost commented on Scorched


    great write Oblaidon, I can relate. I know the tag says "heat" But... I got more from it thinking metaphoically. haha. (It's just me)ha. Great write. all the best -Marion-



    Thanks Marion.

    Dano commented on Scorched


    a very well thought and precise write... nicely done

    Poetry comes nearer to vital truth than history.

    Plato (BC 427-BC 347) Greek philosopher.

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