Searching For a Childhood Dream


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Once again, another older one... But I was starting to pay more attention to it. I was accepting having grown up.

Searching For a Childhood Dream

Such a familiar place, was here;
The sounds of a waterfall near,
The trees did grow as in the past,
And though I die, they will last.

Yet somehow something had changed,
This place I knew wasn't the same,
I did not know what was so different,
It held the same sounds, same scent.

But when I climbed the old oak tree,
To sit up high and look at the scene;
It wasn't as tall as I remember it then,
So, with a sigh, I climbed down again.

As I sat on a rock with a sense of despair;
My life had crumbled, dusting up the air.
I had returned back to my childhood's place,
To dream as I once had of Faeries in lace.

But the magic had left this place bare,
And though I looked it just wasn't there,
And as I sat, a voice I did seem to hear;
Whispered some news into my ear

" 'Tisn't us that hath changed, my dear;
We shall never change, no matter the year."
The voice began, capturing me completely.
" 'Tisn't us that hath changed, but thee."

I jumped in shock and looked around;
But the voice, it couldn't be be found.
I realized then that it had be just me;
The voice was from childhood dreams.

I had made up a person to play with here,
And as I sat I felt an uncalled for tear.
I knew then that this place had not change;
But it was me, not it, that wasn't the same.

As the years had past, my belief that failed;
No more Faeries, nor any knights in mail.
So instead I built a new place of peace;
I lay against the tree, felt my soul release.

I guess it depends on the soul at hand;
That makes a place's dreams fall or stand.
Though my dreams had changed since then;
I guess that means its time for more to begin

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Rhymer commented on Searching For a Childhood Dream


Metaporic write about the childhood that has past, can't return to the places of our youth. But we can look forward to our paths in the future. Excellent write.



Thank you so much for your comments, my friend. I truly appreciate it!

SuSpence commented on Searching For a Childhood Dream


I love your storytelling writes, the heart in your words pulled me in completely. I really like the realization at the end, that every new beginning is some other beginnings end. Just because you grow and change doesnt mean you have to cease dreaming and viewing the world through innocent eyes. I am a dreamer and have always kept a piece of the child I once was within me. Maybe this is why I am the optimist, or why I love to laugh, or what made such a lovely woman fall in love with me. It reminds me of a Picasso quote (paraphrasing) 'It took just a couple of years to learn to paint like a master, but it took a lifetime to paint as if through the eyes of a child.' You may grow older, and you may grow wiser, but dont ever lose your inner child. I love you, Peace and Love, Spence :)



thanks, babe, MKS+RJS=62=6+2=8=infinity

erroneousflint commented on Searching For a Childhood Dream


""""But I was starting to pay more attention to it. I was accepting having grown up."""""" A most pensive and cognitive meditation through story telling, that takes us by the hand and leads us on a sentimental journey through our relationship to " things and places" from our childhood into adolescence right up to the the budding maturation, where we reach back to collect what was ours to take it with us,only to find out it belongs to those things and places .....Perhaps maturity is the letting go A very reflective write....



Thank you for the read, I appreciate the comment. :)

Poetry is not a turning loose of emotion, but an escape from emotion.

T. S. Eliot (1888-1965) American-English poet and playwright.

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