searching the darkness


Poem Commentary

to all of those that i have neglected through this process... please accept my appology... to my friends and family whom i am withdrawn from i cannot say i am sorry enough... i started this and i am not sure how to end it... if i leave it behind now i am afraid that it will pop back up later and i will regret not seeing it through... the last thing i need os more demons and ghosts to haunt and torment me... as i continue to search my soul... as i forge through all of this muck i lose more of myself in the hopes of finding myself again

searching the darkness

everywhere i turn darkness is all around me
i see the light but it just out of reach
its warmth upon my face
pales to the cold i feel on my back
the chill that runs through
fractures my heart
frostbite kills my spirit
and deadly icicles pierce my soul
i fight to resist the numb
the darkness is so cold

i descend deeper into the abyss
the light blurs in the distance
as i spin away
i stumble and trip
i crawl through my own pain
i have drowned in my own tears a thousand times
consumed by this sorrow
and swallowed up this misery
i am off balance
shifted left of center
i have lost who i use to be
who i am suppose to be
but i am trying
because i do not want this to define me

a helpless feeling of hopelessness overwhelms me
as my eyes go black
blindness sets in and i am oblivious to the world
i have lost sight... lost faith in myself
i fall weak
crumbling at my own feet
my life becomes a casualty
gunned down by unfriendly fire

this is the choice that i have made
to search through the darkness for answers
the rip through my own soul
to follow a path into the dark
and unveil the answers it might hold
to finally set me free from myself
emotional self abuse
mental razorblades slice me to shreds
i bleed
i have martyred myself for myself
sacrificed my sanity in order to find peace
i will turn the darkness inside out...
until i have found what i need
because i have not found it yet
but my search continues...


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darkangel16 commented on searching the darkness


it is like you know every thought that i have ever had or have

tenderpoison commented on searching the darkness


this is painfully honest and I relate. want proof? read Fool's Gold. journey well friend...we have to shine our own light in the dark :)



fools gold was brilliantly written... cannot shime my light until i can find it... thanks for reading and commenting

spbsdude commented on searching the darkness


Beauty rests in the eye of the poet, and you have created a work of beauty here. The search for self is a life time occupation. It is a journey to be enjoyed and savored. It is life.



it is such a struggle sometimes though... the search for self and inner peace has many ups and downs... thanks for the comment

LenaM commented on searching the darkness


This brought me to tears and truth be told I'm trying to type while sobbing . You've described in perfect detail much of my journey in my search for me I've a long ways to go before I find me . As a result all that I ever thought I was will die so that who I am can shine through . Excellent piece and straight into my favs for inspiration on those days when I think I will surely give up the ghost forever , for there is grit and determination written all through this



sorry i didnt mean to make you cry... but i hope on those days when you are sure you are going to give up the ghost forever this will give you the inspiration that you need fight through it... because after all sometimes all i have is my grit and determination but its just enough to get me through

ApaqRasgirl commented on searching the darkness


that was wonderful dear, so much deep thought and powerful emotions of ones self and the frightening things the mind can play on you.......fantastic read dear......loved it.......a 10 all the asha



thank you very much asha

Poetry is what is lost in translation.

Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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