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This is one of the first poems that I entered on this site. Now I am re-posting because it is a personal piece that I have been honored to have had read at many professional venues. Let me know what you think. Even as writers we must always keep looking within ourselves.



One of the rarities of life is to be one in a million. Not everyone can take the inner talents they possess and use them to their full potential. Taking what was there all along and developing it in a way that one gains success – self-success.

To the contrary, anyone can be a failure. Not a single being is without the morbid gift of self destruction. Who and which are you?

There is a story that tells of the man with the seashell soul. His soul once brought warmth and was as bright as the color and beauty of a rare and radiant shell. He clung to life with the fervency and zest of a silver pearl attaching itself to the great barrier of life. But somehow, without any expectancy, the man's soul let go of his goals and he was swayed by the everyday waves that beat away at each of us.

Slowly he began to crumble and soon he found himself washed upon the shore. Instead of letting the waves drift over him and carry him back to his stronghold, he allowed the silt and muck to engulf him.

How sad to see the hue drained and bleached away, leaving no remembrance of what was meant to be. Over time, the man's soul continued to break, dissipating into the ways of the world.

The man with the seashell soul; he became as scattered pebbles lost amongst endless grains of sand. Once he could have been one in a million, instead of being just one of the millions who give up on their dreams by giving up on themselves.


Self-success is as a lustrous shell; the pearl lies within!

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bloomingsun commented on SEASHELL SOUL


Wow, this is a beautiful piece. The vivid images say so much and create a moving picture. The last line sums it up so well.



One of my favorite pieces - thank you for sharing it along with me!

RareNecessity commented on SEASHELL SOUL


What a beautifully written and insightful story. I love the ocean and all it's mystery. In my work with survivors of domestic violence, I often use the analogy of what is left behind each time the tide washes in and out . Seashell Soul is an awesomely powerful statement about the lens we choose to see our lives through. You painted a vision that captivates the spirit.! Powerful!! Peace and tender pleasures sent your way,



What a super fantastic compliment so honestly given - thank you, for this is one of my most favorite pieces ... it has been shared by teachers with students and even used at a couple of conferences. It is yours to print and make your own.... the great gift of words is being able to form them into pictures that many enjoy opening their minds to see --- lets all make a difference... and mean it!

SavVySam commented on SEASHELL SOUL


Well thank you, I collect shells and have often wondered at their beauty...I need no longer do so! Lovely story, and I look forward to reading more. Nice work!



Thank you! The calmness of the endless ocean is calling....

Lolee commented on SEASHELL SOUL


Even so, you know what happens to pearls don't you? They get strung up for the pleasure of the rich. LOL. I really enjoyed this insightful piece, and think you are totally worthy of your name...soulwriter. I am always amazed...thanks.



Thank you for your wonderful insightfulness - I have to keep the faith and believe that there are still some mighty big pearls left to be admired for their grand uniqueness! Big smiles



I loved this and added it to my favorites. It has a message that will endure the sands of time. Thank you for the inspiration.



I am honestly honored by your expression. Thank you for bringing new meaning one of my favorite pieces.

Poetry is not the expression of personality but an escape from personality.

T. S. Eliot (1888-1965) American-English poet and playwright.

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