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    This is a poem I wrote a few weeks ago. Yes, it's a tad cliche, but it's just a short and sweet poem, that didn't take too long to write. Enjoy :)

    See You Soon

    If I could be shattered in your arms, I'd be okay.
    If I could cry and look into your eyes, I'd be strong.
    If I could scream at you against your peace, I'd be left with nothing to say. 
    If I could fly with you lifting me higher, I'd sing the birds song.

    If I could write of life, I'd make poetry of our story.
    If I could be in two places at once, I'd rather be with you than be here.
    If I could've been given more time, I would'nt let you be sorry.
    If I could be a hero, I'd save your bad day for the when I am near.
    If I could feel all your pain just to understand, you know I would.
    If I could play a song, I'd sing it for you beside the moon.
    If I could hold your heart, I'd keep it strong as I should.
    And if you'll ask me to fall in love, I'll see you soon.


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    Chaos128 commented on See You Soon


    I’d never call it cliché. It’s an ideal description of an idyllic vision. And no one besides you could have put it in just this way.

    TonyZeski commented on See You Soon


    This is a very nice poem. It's light and not in your face with its message of love and the ending adds a powerful punctuation of the message without changing the overall tone.

    kdarcy commented on See You Soon


    A nice piece sure to please most anyone, light, soft, holding emotion just right ... who wouldn't love to speak this to someone, or at least think it? Great, be wll k

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