Shades of Green


  • Tinytree
  • Beginning a new adventure; a new stage in life.

Poem Commentary

If wishes were horses.....

Shades of Green

Why don't I get inspired?
I have so much time
as I avoid the cold weather
Many things run through my head
Occasionally I feel the urge to share
and it all comes out right
Then when I sit  at the computer
I lose it, my mind is on to something else

I need a day in the woods with my sage and singing bowl
A day where I don't have sorrowful thoughts in my head
A day when I know why I am 
When the breeze tickles my face
and the bugs zigzag along the bug throughway
Where the hawks teach their young overhead
and the sun makes the leaves a rainbow all shades of green
The mosses and small animal holes are many
Their groomed little doorways
Lead you believe in fairies
The busy babble of the brook
drowns out the wood thrush
With it's sweet flute call
and every so often the soft ground jumps
 as a stone 
               it's way
                            the river bed 

The smells are many
you close your eyes
and breath in so deep... 
The heavy earthy air
makes it slowly to your toes

Where if you happen to peer
into a warm beam of sunlight  
You may see someone smile
Spirit of the forest?
Your own spirit guide?

You know he's there
In that betwix and between place
Where you can see in to other realms
The ripple of air
The distant song
Oh, summer, lovely summer, hurry along


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StandingBear commented on Shades of Green


So much nature to enjoy it's no wonder the mind travels so fast at times. Your awesome spiritual/earthy work definitely grabs my attention. Great write! SBear

WordSlinger commented on Shades of Green


I hear ya on that, hurry, hurry along, the ol' summer song, hurry along, but not to fast, for spring is on the stage, right where she belongs, ty WS

kmooney commented on Shades of Green


A very warm and heartfelt piece. You are obviously in tune with nature. Very eloquently done. I, too, enjoy the peace and tranquility of the forest. Away from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the world. Thank you so much for this wonderful share. Kevin.



You're correct, my mistake. Thanks for the feedback.

ginga commented on Shades of Green


tinytree, I agree with you on your last sentiment. I lked the way you aligned this poem, introducing it first as you drew a blank to write, then moved on to a hike through nature and wrapped it up with your desire for summer. A grand tour through emotions an greenery which I enjoyed immensely. ty tinytree. ginga

earthly commented on Shades of Green


Yes, summer can't come soon enough-I know we will enjoy it together...Earthly

Poetry is either something that lives like fire inside you or else it is nothing, an empty formalized bore around which pedants can endlessly drone their notes and explanations.

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