Shake, Break, and Rock the Devil


Shake, Break, and Rock the Devil

The devil sneaks up cunningly to thread his wicked web of lies

Carefully planning a way to blend into crowds with a slick disguise

Creating diversions, and targeting minds that he wants to manipulate

Turning the world against a loving God and blinding us of our fate


He’s hot on our tracks like a GPS system he uses to seek and find

Drilling into our heads and hearts with a laser beam that will blind

Instilling images of murder, abuse, and the cruelest acts of hate

He doesn’t want us to find the time to worship, pray or celebrate


He will cut you down like a blade of grass and destroy the barricade

Your faith, the weapon stronger than steel will ensure the life you made

So watch out for his army of demons that will cause such an energy drain

Since the power of influence that he has is enough to damage your brain


At times I feel the wrath of evil wrapping tightly around my own neck

The devil is murdering God’s army with lies as small as a tiny speck

To decrease the power we possess that is great enough to remove pain

The devil’s hatred blows through with the force of a mighty hurricane


Our fortress walls are crumbling to ash from the fiery blaze in his eyes

Crushing our hopes and dreams like a stampede of elephants that surprise

So only the strongest have a chance of survival in this most brutal place

Death is out to get us and stop any progress we make from reaching grace


How do we conquer the face of pure evil when were too weak to stand?

By taking a leap of faith and trusting in God to pull you out of quicksand

For when we take our focus off Jesus we are allowing the devil right in

He will fill you with negativity and make you feel worthless cause you sin


His trickery is very sneaky and his words pierce like the sharpest sword

He’ll make you sway with the smallest lie and pull you away from the Lord

Then as the bitter words settle in deep, the pressure begins to get intense

And like a bomb ready to blast it will destroy all that’s in its path of defense


I have seen how the devil uses his power to change those that are innocent

Causes us to no longer feel pure within so we feel it’s too late to repent

But why can’t we shake this problem with a supernatural force that rocks

 The universe with extreme conditions that can wipe out the devil’s flocks


It’s time to burn a pathway to the gates of eternal harmony and peace

Charge forth with the force of a lion, and cause this destruction to cease

For the gift of salvation is planted within like a seed ready to germinate

We don’t have time like the present so act now before it’s much too late

The foundation is rooted in truth, and this truth is sealed in a book

A sacred text that flows with such beauty that you need to take a look

For power surges throughout each page that’s read as different stories are told

Old Testament Prophets and New Testament Disciples tell of the wise and old


No other man but our Lord Jesus Christ can take away all your guilt and shame

He can also drive out demons and even heal the blind, the sick, and the lame

This man we call Jesus, rules the world and saved us with a drop of blood

He even gave us a rainbow to prove that this earth would never again see a flood


Why do some doubt the miraculous powers of this perfect man we should praise?

He can shake, break and even rock the devil in so many different forms and ways

So open up your ears, your heart, and your mind and see what He has for you

A loving relationship is what He desires and is longing to make this come true


We cannot stop fighting in this spiritual battle until the Lord takes us all away

Over all the many decades to come I will faithfully submit myself to you and pray

Never falling back into the devil’s hands that strike at my feet each time I press on

Waiting for the glorious day of unity with my Lord when I die and my soul is gone

Forever placed before the throne of God where I will not see or hear of any sin

I will sing the most beautiful love songs and will fill his spirit move deep within


No longer staring and searching the skies for the Almighty who reigns above

After my death I will rest in this sanctuary of hope where my eyes have found love

Surrounded by angels and other believers who will be kneeled before the Most High

I am ready to witness to a world that needs to hear about Jesus before they die 


Step into the outside world and share everything that is resting on your heart

Walk humbly and ask for the Lord’s guidance to allow you a chance to start

A deep conversation with a stranger that you could lead to Christ today

For we need to teach the young and old the importance of making time to pray


Without our voices being heard what good is our faith that proves to be dead

Who then will hear this message of truth if our words are never even said?

For I promise every living soul needs this spiritual gift that I strongly exhort

We need to challenge our faith in God by taking a step whether it’s long or short


So quit hiding your face behind the crowds and come out to speak your voice

You have the chance of a lifetime to gain but only you can make this choice

Walk with the confidence that you are loved and can do anything through God

This life as a sinner rest in the strength of a Savior who made this path you trod


Don’t ever let anybody tell you that you aren’t capable of doing something great

You have to let go of all your feelings and stress and allow God to demonstrate

The power He has to move through you and work a miracle in this life of yours

Watch as the Holy Spirit is revealed and how His gift of love simply restores

Now is the best time to start winning new hearts to the Kingdom of Heaven

I’ve been working to strengthen my faith in You since I turned twenty-seven

The age when I got married to my beautiful wife and made a commitment of love

I don’t have the strength alone to succeed but all I have to do is look up above


My eyes know real joy and my heart knows the promise He has always kept

No longer holding back from the world that I was a blink away from being swept

I must keep sight on the prize and remember God is alive and has a future for me

As I strive to endure at building up my Christian life that has set my soul free


This world is a thorn in my side but my determination to find hope is strong

I will continue to press on with the assurance that God will never steer me wrong

For He longs to see us filled with laughter and wearing a huge smile on our face

I will carry my cross to the death and travel long and hard to finish this race


In the end I will look back and see just how hard I truly shook the devil

With my extreme faith and love for God that was taken to a higher level

No more fooling the world that I am just a simple man trying to stay alive

For I am motivated and educated to succeed at this game of life where I thrive

At finishing what I started like this poem that I wrote to express my emotions

Now that I’m done I want to say that my love goes to the depth of the oceans

But yours doesn’t even stop there because it’s a love that goes on forever

And I will cherish the beauty of life that I’ve been given that no one can sever


Brett Fletcher






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am2anangel commented on Shake, Break, and Rock the Devil


whew a long one. but well worth the read. great inspirational write on your faith. thanks for all the comments on my work. you leave great comments. made my day. -Tonya

winterkou commented on Shake, Break, and Rock the Devil


We must fight against the devils temptations daily , but with the prevailing powers of God we will rise and stomp upon this ugly horned beast. Nothing is impossible with the almighty God, we muct build up our walls of defense witht eh breastplate of righteousness, and armor of faith and sword of truth and slice through the belly of the abhored demon. Victory in the Lord who reigns in heaven up high!!!! We must be a firm foundation, a solid rock so we can stand against the beast and never falter, or be shaken by his scornful lies. we must rise above the hatred and grow in the love that Father God has shown us.

To have great poets there must be great audiences too.

Walt Whitman, American Poet (1819-1892)

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