Shame On Me For Being With You


  • Shame

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    Not a day goes by that I don't wish I could take this action back. I would love to go back and tell him "No!" I don't sleep with married men. I didn't so now I have to accept this shame. I don't know who will read this or if they care. I just want share it, maybe it might help someone to say, "No." Save her from being the other woman and a HO.

    Shame On Me For Being With You

    You told me you forgot any happy moments in your married life,
    You said your sons were a mistake and you hated your wife,
    She cried and begged for you to come back,
    Any emotion for her you should have felt you lack,
    She wanted the family she had with you,
    She couldn't accept you were untrue,
    Her love she felt with all of her heart,
    You and her were never meant to part,
    I was wrong to think we belonged together,
    How could I think that with you ever,
    Our action was evil, cold hearted, and black,
    I should have told you to go back,
    I began to hate you and the life we had,
    My emotions became ashamed and sad,
    I loved you, but I hated you more,
    I resented you down to my core,
    I sent you away in the summer of 2005,
    I felt to ashamed to be with you and I didn't feel alive,
    When you left I began to feel good and have hope again,
    Something I never had when you and I had been,
    You begged for me back like your wife had begged for you back,
    You will never have me because the adultery was black,
    I was wrong to be with you while you were spoken for,
    I was your mistress, your little whore,
    You belong to your wife who you gave your vow to,
    You were meant to stick together and never unglue,
    Then you came to my place,
    Your marriage we did disgrace,
    You with my help broke the commitment you made,
    Our bed of thorns we laid,
    It is over and we are through,
    I will always be ashamed I was with you,
    You try to make me remember the good times we had,
    Remember what you forgot in your marriage and that made you mad,
    There are no feelings left there, just an evil act,
    And whole stream of shame came out of that,
    No happy moments between us or love,
    Just God's anger from above

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    imalwasymused commented on Shame On Me For Being With You


    I agree with the comments below. It took guts to be so honest with yourself. And more guts to share it with the world. And now about the poem. You;ve done it again. Soo powerful in emotion. I like how the person in the poem grows. In the beginning she is naive and doesn't think of the consequences. But in the end she's stronger and learned from her regrets. She ultimately grew as a person.

    chauhanlm commented on Shame On Me For Being With You


    It took alot of courage to write this.....Good for you! This shows character and strength, Best wishes in your next love....

    eleacep commented on Shame On Me For Being With You


    Girl you said it all. Cheating always end in disaster so if you can help some one to understand the pain they might think twice

    BlackButterfly1 commented on Shame On Me For Being With You


    I love the realness and honesty in your poems. I think it's great that you spend so much time writing about marriage and sharing your experiences. Single women need to hear this from your perspective so they can see that the grass isn't always greener and that Karma is real. Great write.

    MindNumbing commented on Shame On Me For Being With You


    Your honesty shines brightly, Broken... as humans, we are prone to mistakes. Some are harmless, some are hurtful, some have such dire consequences that we would rather just sweep them under the rug and forget that they happened. You've avoided that, which is beyond admirable. Well done.

    Poetry is finer and more philosophical than history; for poetry expresses the universal, and history only the particular.

    Aristotle (384 BC-322 BC) Greek philosopher.

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