she's a warrior of sorts


she's a warrior of sorts

Come to the counter, I’ve got something for you
A bet worth it’s wager
Odds slightly in our favor
I only require your half-hearted trust
Your full desire to hit the nuts flush
“that’s what she said,” you say with a giggle
“unbelievable,” I say as I pass you this riddle
“what is never lost but sometimes when
time drags on, can seem to dim?”
the answer is there, I can see it in your eyes
you wrinkle your nose as you attempt to see through its disguise
a few moments pass as I sip from my glass
but mere seconds before the riddle can claim the last laugh
you bypass the counter and point out the window
“the sun,” you say as you point past two bored looking butchy blonde bimbos

butch A and butch B don’t look too happy
I poke you and say, “our days about to get crappy.”
They saunter over, sporting shirts that say ‘no men’
Butch A leads the way, cupping her imaginary scrotum
“what have you done?” I sarcastically remark
“I’ll handle this,” and towards the confrontation you embark

I take in how fine
You are from behind
Your gait is too gracious
Determined with purpose
And even when faceless
You look to me flawless
And that’s right when
You took one to the chin.

You don’t even flinch
You don’t move an inch.
Then, with sudden arachnid action
You begin attackin'
You flank them with a pirouette
You haven’t broken a sweat as of yet
Effortless you rotate
So quick and without mistake
You grand-plie between them
And your fist drop bombs where they believe they have semen

You come back inside
Alive with power and pride
“Do you always whoop ass
with such skill and such class?”
“It’s a girl thing man
you just wouldn’t underst—“
and as if falling ass first out of a plane
you go slipping and flipping, arms flailing again
you throw up your purse
your lips spit a scrambled curse
it’s so perfectly hysterical, I think you rehearsed

no harm is done
you look to be one
I manage to ask
As I staccatoically laugh
“are you ok?”
“ya,” you say,” I guess I’m not perfect today.”
“whoa, excuse me miss, but nobody’s perfect
but you should be able to look in their eyes and know that their worth it.”
You look at the ground and shake “it’s hard” out past your teeth
“that’s what she said,” I say as I try to give the moment relief


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Tempestlady commented on she's a warrior of sorts


Good wih riddles and wit, you are. Keep it up and you'll go far. member connections, and clues are good too,because lets face it we're not all as witty as you. Would make nice collection so far. Write on....

TheShowMan commented on she's a warrior of sorts


This is awesome, it is funny as well. Probably one of the best poems i will read today. I posted a crazy poem too its called "save the change" check it out sometime.

If I feel physically as if the top of my head were taken off, I know that is poetry.

Emily Dickinson (1830-1886) American poet.

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