silent self destruction


Poem Commentary

this it totally free verse with rhymes here and ther just to keep the flow of the peice going... sorry it is all crammed and cluttered and unstrctured but that is how is was in my head and how it came out of me so i left it alone...

silent self destruction

put a gun in my mouth
but didnt pull the trigger
with fear my lips trembled
and tears streamed down my face
across my mind the world flashed
brilliant colors of blue and green
swirling into shadows of black and grey
faces appear then spiral away
casting demon smiles
dashed by the shuffling madness
lights splash into my eyes
like liquid fire burning visions into my mind
hemorrhaging into my psychie
clots of reality clog my sanity
rational thoughts no longer flow
but are cast into the madness
lost forever within the shadows
the world happens... life runs... flows
twisting... turning and spinning
contorting itself into a sinister form of reality
life moves at an alarming rate
dashing here to there
turning itself inside out and back again
exposing its inner workings
the heart has a voice and it screams
silently sometimes bursting at the seems
thoughts have fluidity
acidic and corrosive
burning holes though the brain
the heart the emotions
singeing the soul and scorching the spirit
words have life... breathing
spitting poison in the face
of anyone who will listen
breathing fire upon ice
cold hearts turn molten only to freeze again
aching and frostbitten
scalded but still beating
the twisting darkness bores through my head
creating tunnels and paths that bleed
blood flows free
each new hole path or tunnel
a memory that should be forgotten
a past that spits in the face of the present
poison that is absorbed...ingested
regurgitated and swallowed again
desolving and devouring everything
tearing through... ripping and slashing
thoughts as sharp as razors
silent self destruction


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earthly commented on silent self destruction


A great write that feels like a bad trip-powewrful imagery-macarbre roller coaster-Namaste...Earthly



thanks for taking the time to stop earthly

tenderpoison commented on silent self destruction


.............................10 is an insult...again....................................



thanks for taking the time to read and comment

ladynight commented on silent self destruction


dark and beautiful. self-expression at its finest. i love the imagery and the words you used. so descriptive and thought provoking. it makes me think of how i feel when memories from the past resurface. "thoughts have fluidity, acidic and corrosive, burning holes though the brain, the heart the emotions, singeing the soul and scorching the spirit". those lines really spoke to me. i can definitely relate to the feeling. great write.



thanks again for reading and for the kind words...

MarionYost commented on silent self destruction


"hemorrhaging into my psychie clots of reality clog my sanity rational thoughts no longer flow but are cast into the madness." brilliance at it's finest. Nice.. All the best -Marion-



thank you for taking the time to read and commetn marion

Charlie23 commented on silent self destruction


That does bring some serious images to the pain of silent self destruction..."the heart has a voice and it screams silently sometimes bursting at the seems" those lines are of great volume!



thanks charlie... i had a block that was securly in place for over a week and this is the peice that busted through it...

Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words.

Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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