Silent Serpent


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Silent Serpent

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Silent Serpent

In the middle of the garden, the child cries

Slithering in the grass, a silent serpent draws near

She panics in her place, not moving her feet

Screaming, while streaming down her face, are tears


The crafty serpent eyes its prey

He watches before he strikes

He calculates her every move

The hunt is what he likes


Fear engulfs her, body still

No movement from head to toe

She looks upon this silent threat

Staring in the eyes of her foe


The silent serpent starts to slither

Towards her new found prey

Moving carefully, not with great speed

So as to make sure that she will stay


Her cries for help are heard in her house

She dares not move or flee

Her body trembles with fear

Just frozen by what she can see


Out of her house, her rescuer comes

To save her little one from this beast

She sees the silent creature draw near

To enjoy its afternoon feast


She picks up a weapon to prepare for its end

The lil one runs to the house

The brave warrior fights and smashes the snake

All that is left is food for a mouse


The danger is past, and the terror is gone

The lil one plays once again

She dances and dreams of her castle in the sky

And the enemies who never win

JJB 99

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CatsMeow commented on Silent Serpent


The poem is will written and filled with suspense, mystery and intrigue and it may be compared to our enemy within .. Interesting. Snakes move quickly I believe in reality the child would have been bitten before screaming depending on the age. .Thanks

DragonAngel commented on Silent Serpent


sounds like the snake was a childhood fear I loved the Poem makes ya think two good times before letting your children play out alone it could have been bad if no one was home

Bobcatmoon commented on Silent Serpent


nice work there,,,battle between good and evil..such imagery ..was this an experience you knew ..if so pretty scary I bet

daydreamer23 commented on Silent Serpent


very well written i like the story telling style i dont see alot of this approach used and you do it very well,bless.

bforibus commented on Silent Serpent


its seems to be so hard for ppl to take a story and make it a poem. im glad to see for once outside looking in that someone has done an exceptional job at succeding at story telling in poetry form. very great job indeed

Poetry comes nearer to vital truth than history.

Plato (BC 427-BC 347) Greek philosopher.

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