Sit down with me


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Mark Twain was a very humorious man with a good personality. His writings and books are well known for years. He had a lot of heartships in his life loosing many of his siblings through out his life.He will always be remembered from his stories of Huckleberry Finn and Mark Twain.(Samel Longhorne Clemens.) Born 11-30-1835 Died 4-21-1910 wife Olivia Longdon- children Susy Clara, Jean

Sit down with me

Come on over sit down with me
We'll talk about what comes to mind
Have you noticed the sun is out
It's nice to sit down and just converse

I noticed you're looking good
You must be doing well

Today I met a really nice man
He was very very old 
He began to tell me stories
That began a long time a go

The stories he told were interesting
I could not even imagine living back then
He met Mark Twain when he was just a lad
He said Marks real name was Samuel Clemens
Who became a popular writer you know

His house I still can see where he once wrote books
Mark Twain and Huckleberry Finn
Samuel had a sister and a daughter
Their family somehow lost track
Of the children that were his heirs

We shared a pot of tea just like you and I
The taste of his crumpet cookies
Much better made from scratch
No fancy supplies like today

His mind wandered back so long a go
Reminding him of the many tales he shared
I sat in total ah
Trying to capture it all
I savored every moment
Trying to remember each one
They were so wonderfully told 
Like he lived every one
I could see myself included 

I could not do the things they did
It must have been hard times  back then
His personality made me laugh
He was such a humorous man

Would you like another cookie
Another cup of tea

His eye brows were very bushy
His mustache so long
His hair glowed with white

He said I have come to tell you
Something important to me
You are an heir of mine

In surprise my mouth was wide opened
I turned to ask his name

He said I am Samuel Longhorne Clemens
Mark Twain

I put down my tea
I looked at him to say he's dead
How could this be

To my surprise he was gone
Left me feeling very strange
I sat down at his very table
Having tea
His cup was empty
The cookies were gone
I sat at the table all alone

My mind wonders now where this man came from
Am I a relative of his 
I will always remember
The stories and the man that made me laugh

Samuel Longhorne Clemens

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blackfootlady commented on Sit down with me


This Poem made me hungry and made me miss the old timers that aren't in my life anymore Betty.Nice write-Black



Betty, Where are You ?and I miss You poetry friend.



Lets get out the pot of coffee, home cookies and chat. LOL Thank you

kdarcy commented on Sit down with me


Made me recall childhood things, and then just sittin at the table ... wonderful, makes me wish for a cold rainy day to curl up with an old book- an old friend, thanks for the memory, an excellent write, thanks, be well



You are so welcome

SavVySam commented on Sit down with me


I can see it all so clearly through your work...a wonderful afternoons spent enjoying the stories and tales from so long ago..just magical!

Madelynn commented on Sit down with me


Ahhhh- Love this! Ya know those were some of my favorite stories EVER growing up! There is just something about that era, and that lifestyle I envy! Well Betty, I can't zap back in time to live then- or have those best adventures EVER...but- yoooou- with all the talent you possess, gave me the next best thing by reading your brilliant story telling abilities!- Once again, thank you for making me smile so- Maddi

jyothi commented on Sit down with me


It shows the feeling Mark Twain being near It's a feeling like Mark Twain being near and sharing with you.Awesome story.

Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words.

Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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