Skinny Dipping


  • Sensual

    Skinny Dipping

    Nadar Desnudo

    Skinny dipping

    So free

    Nothing between body and water

    Water - swaying, gliding, caressing the skin

    Unencumbered by spandex, nylon, or cotton

    Nothing to hinder the imagination

    No ties to the urban world

    No pockets

    No possessions

    An aqua ballet performance

    An intimate connection with flowing liquid

    Weaves in and out of crevices and curves

    Flows and slides smoothly over wet flesh

    Soothing fluid relaxation

    Licking at nakedness

    Liberating the spirit

    Stimulating the soul

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    ApaqRasgirl commented on Skinny Dipping


    that was wonderful.....what a picture your words painted of skinny dipping, yes very sensual.......loved it very much.....thanks for pointing me to this. loves ya asha

    rsalassi commented on Skinny Dipping


    You more than ably describe the experience of skinny dipping, but when you start "licking an nakedness," my blood begins to flow and the pressure almost sends me to bed. Good write!

    LeslieMay commented on Skinny Dipping


    I can almost feel the cool water on my skin!! This draws me back to days of summer, years ago. Wonderful!



    Thank you so much for reading.

    Madelynn commented on Skinny Dipping


    Well summer's here, and you know what goes hand in hand with summer??-Yep! A nice, naked, splash under the moonlight! There's just nothing like it! I love this poem! So cleaverly worded-using metephore to the hilt..freeing the soul, doing away with all that materialistic BS that weighs us down! I got 'cha, I like it..big 'gerrronnimmmo' cannonball 10, from a fello' skinnydipper,lol! peace,Maddi



    Thanks Maddi, ::doing a swan dive:: Yippee! :)

    Dano commented on Skinny Dipping


    i like the idea that all possession are shed and the feeling of being completely free and one with water... nicely written

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