Sky Demon


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  • Poetry will always emerge out of the shadows of depression, shining like a star in the scarcity of light.

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About conquering a great sadness in your life.....the black bird represents the deep sadness, and the snowy white owl is the symbol of hope.......... this one has won an award for the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards of 2010...... --Natalie.

Sky Demon

This frigid winter morning

Offers me no token.

In this abstract world of yesterday,

The sun does not shine golden.

I cannot seem to see my steps,

As they always fade away.

Shadows churn in the sky's darkened depths,

Like something bad will come on this silent day.


The birds that always used to sing,

Full of happiness and cheer,

Have no more of their joy to bring,

Because the ice has brought them fear.

The gravel crunches as I walk down the street,

Searching the air for any noise.


I hear the flapping of the wings of a bird,

And my spirits rise at the sound.

I turn my head to see the verve,

But what I see are the eyes of demise—

Hard and cold.

Dark and evil is this bird before me that flies.

It swoops down to touch the earth.


I rise from my vigilant bow,

To confront this horrible thing—

This monster that has no future now.

For it has invaded the essence of my life.

I now know the reason for my presence.

From my pocket, I grab a sleek silver knife.


As I lift it in the air,

A swirl of wind bites my hand,

As acid rain falls from the darkened sky.

I leap forward, and on the creature, I land.

It feels icy and oddly slick.

I plunge the dagger into its back,

As the rain falls like shards of glass.

The shortest moments pass.


I hear a quick intake of air,

And the bird suddenly stops moving.

To climb off the creature, I dare.

I fall on the gravely dirt,

My muddy limbs bare

Bruises and scratches

That lie beneath the tears in my shirt.

Bleakness falls on me with the receding rain.


I look around as the bitter winds evaporate.

There is not a soul in sight.

My thoughts are filled with rage and hate,

For all my friends have flown away.

I writhe and thrash on the ground,

Trying to fight off haunted memories of today.

The thought of life here seems unreal right now.


Suddenly, I feel a small prick on my arm.

I warily look to my side,

And I see that there really was no harm.

Because a snowy white owl sat on my lap,

Its talons accidentally pinching my skin.

I smile, for this bird has filled my heart's only gap

And washed out my every sin.



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Helios commented on Sky Demon


A beautiful poem oh young poetess, I see why you won the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards. You sound like a person I would want at my school, a poet and thinker. I have been meaning to ask my school if it is willing to registure for this competition because I want more teenagers to aim higher through poetry. Helios



Thank you! And that is an absolutely great idea. I hope you do ask them because it was one of the greatest experiences of my life. --Natalie.

A poem begins as a lump in the throat, a sense of wrong, a homesickness, a lovesickness. It finds the thought and the thought finds the words.

Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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