• Happiness


    Smile even when you have rain

    Smile even when your body is

    racked with pain.

    Smile even when your back is stuck

    against the wall.

    Smile even after you fall.

    Smile when you have no one around to call.

    Smile through the rain

    Smile through the storm

    Smile after the tears

    Just smile my friends

    through it all




    not for a short time

    but always


    Yes we will have sadness but don't let

    that smile stay away too long

    bring it back where it belongs

    so you smile




    From the Author Aleja Bennett

    No matter what happens in life or how the chips fall if you keep this in mind or practice it as a ritual you will make it. My smile is tested day by day because people will try to take that pretty smile away but you must keep it even after the tears. So cry-let it out-then smile. Don't keep the smile away too long.

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    walkb99 commented on Smile


    smiles warm the inner spirit, they bring acceptance, they bring recognition, andthey help us cope with life when all is not quite right. Smiles have many functions, they also serve as bodyguards of the spirit

    Tyme commented on Smile


    You notice how we don't really have humor about those things that are truly, profoundly pleasurable in and of themselves? I guess that's why we need to smile. When life gets hard were built with the ability to self medicate the pain with laughter and smiles.

    kkirkwood commented on Smile


    there's a song I always sing You can smile when you can't say a word. For a smile is better than a frown or tear.

    ansari commented on Smile


    It's a positive thinking all the way. I can relate to it myself - some lines in my poem - gratitude to my teacher. thank you for the great read. Your bio is also very interesting and inspiring, I'll read your poems, you have a message for all. a 10 from me.

    MissExclusive commented on Smile


    Simply beautiful and uplifting! It's a message everyone should adhere to when going through hard times. I smile everyday for my son.

    Poetry comes nearer to vital truth than history.

    Plato (BC 427-BC 347) Greek philosopher.

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