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just a glimpse into one of my bad days.



life becomes an unreasonable feast
when charm and beauty becomes the beast
abused my body in criminal ways
and misused hobbies
on holidays
love is close but out of reach
it's bleeding at my fingertips
death awaits while hell's been breeched
so coarsely kissed me on my lips
the tears that fill my mason jars
that cold and cloudy mixture
are remnants from some former scars
and that completes this picture


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tierra7 commented on snapshot


a heart wrenchin' feel...sad but written sooo beautifully!! Blessings! ,Tierra

SerenityWintirs commented on snapshot


The first five lines are stunning and mesmerizing. They speak of looking back on some unknown addiction. I had to read this several times to fully comprehend the tragedy of the work. And yet as angsty as it is, it also seems to breath an essence of hope.



thank you so much for your time ! i appreciate the support and critique.

cheronld commented on snapshot


If only we could be the fly on the wall...the secrets that it would release...the title to this one said so much in that one word...and I agree with MindNumbing...I am glad that you have this as an outlet of this forum you will never be emotional write and so honest...I offer my friendship if ever needed...Cher



thank you, cher. so glad to see that you are still here as i have heard that the site is closing down. i love your work and have checked in here to read you for inspiration...and have rec'd it.



That is quite a compliment my friend...and I am humbled by your comment...I have removed the majority of my writes and its sad that this site is not doing well anymore...I hope that wherever you post....that it will be well recieved as you are quite the talent...inspiration goes both ways my friend...good luck and keep me posted....Cher

MindNumbing commented on snapshot


Glad to see you posting again, Crush. You've conveyed it all so well, but I have to assume that there's alot more to that picture than the things you've mentioned here. Read my latest... use it as your answer to this ;) Beautiful write, my friend.



yes, there are. you are correct, which is why i call this one snapshot. thanks for your time and i will read your poem now.

The true philosopher and the true poet are one, and a beauty, which is truth, and a truth, which is beauty, is the aim of both.

Ralph Waldo Emerson, American Poet (1803-1882)

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