So Sick


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    So Sick

    So sick of being bossed around
    So sick of people trying break me down
    Never knowing where I’m be in five minutes
    With my family or dead in an alley
    So sick of seeing the news talking bout murder here, murder there
    So sick of people trying be who they not just showing off for friends
    So sick of worrying bout my family
    If I’m gonna see them again
    So sick of crying
    So sick
    So sick of talking
    So sick of seeing momma’s crying,
    Daddies dying, brothers and sisters getting locked up
    So sick of nobody caring bout how others feel
    So sick of girls being called Bitches and Hoes and other words in the book
    So sick of people not respecting what they
    Making or taking sometimes
    They breaking souls and bringing back the old time
    So sick of not being able to be myself
    Because I don’t know if I’m gonna be accepted
    So sick of never being able to concentrate on my life
    Because I’m worrying bout someone else
    So sick of everything
    So sick
    So sick of wasting my time trying be
    Nice to people who act like complete A-hole’s
    So sick of being in a world where nobody cares
    Bout nothing or nobody just wanna have fun
    So sick of the world everyday
    So sick of the world in everyday
    So sick of this bullshit….

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    BabyGurl91 commented on So Sick


    I know how you feel. Good poem. Here's a rating for you.

    Romano commented on So Sick


    People are resulting to the number one rule of survival, take care of number one and in doing so try to have fun. Lie if need be, cheat always and never tell on one self. They say love is for the weak played during the week so I say I am the weak trying to survive another week. Compassion and a conscience are considered soft. so sick most of us are yet sick in our brains if we show no heart

    poeticlyricist1 commented on So Sick


    I totally understand.....good work

    Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words.

    Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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