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    • Posted a new poem first time is a few years check it out its a draft as of right now ill fix the spelling and stuff when I have time

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    This poem is a highlight of what i feel is life i hope everyone enjoys..



    I..release my pain
    From out my veins
    The happiness comes in squirts
    I can not see the truth
    Because I..Have..No..Name
    I'm scratch-in my eyes out..
    You!..Could here my screams
    But did you do something?

    Why?..Do I sit here blind?
    As I stare at the sky!..For nothing
    Everything's black as night
    Maybe hell will be a little brighter
    As I take my life

    Blitzed by reality
    I abandon my hopes and dreams
    I suffocate in my past as I tear apart at the seems
    Am I me?
    But that doesn't matter in this world we live
    ..You'll never be anything..
    If you don't have something to give

    Life means submissiveness
    The thoughts in my mind are dirty
    I'm a worthless sack of shit!
    That's what my mother said

    I..Have a life that's filled with sorrow
    Because the thoughts in my mind are dirty.
    I'm a worthless sack of shit!
    That's what my father said

    Love..Is godliness
    But the thoughts in my mind are dirty
    ..I'm a worthless sack of shit...
    ..At-least that's what my family said..

    ..I'm out of it..
    ..The thoughts in my mind were dirty..
    ..I was a worthless sack of shit..
    ..My mind is soiled..
    ..My faith is soiled..
    ..My life is soiled..
    ..I'm soiled..

    By: TheAngelOfDeath


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    wheelsal commented on Soiled


    You label yourself AngelOfDeath. I see you are full of life as you write. "No one is a sack of shit" and no one can "soil" you. I see hope that you see something to give as the key. Keep writing you are giving and growing and so is you poetry.

    AbysmalGoddess commented on Soiled


    Your words strike as truthful, meaningful, and dignified. It's aweful how some people can hold you back just by saying the most demeaning things. Your talent shines through this one! I drink up your delicious poetry with a throat, dry and thirsty for more!

    Kelstorm commented on Soiled


    Once again you give us a viewpoint in how Humankind establishes their sense of self worth. They learn to take in the remarks of those around them and then label themselves. There's the danger. Allowing others to define us.

    beautifuldeath commented on Soiled


    your words no matter how dark or filled with pain always strike deep within my heart. although I do believe if you were truly nothing you surely could not write as powerfully as you do. I am amazed once again by your way with words. I will forever be a fan of your writing 10 from me

    twilightchick commented on Soiled


    *speechless* all of your writing is amazing and aall i can say or evr say is im speechless.

    Poetry is not an expression of the party line. It's that time of night, lying in bed, thinking what you really think, making the private world public, that's what the poet does.

    Allen Ginsberg (1926-1997) U.S. poet.

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