Some Days (Song Lyrics)


Some Days (Song Lyrics)

Verse 1:
A complicated mess, that's what I am,
And I doubt if you will ever understand,
This enigma wrapped up in a mystery,
An explanation of the woman that is me...

Chorus 1:
Some days I run,
Some days I hide,
Some days I fail no matter how I try...
Some days I laugh,
Some days I cry,
But, don't ask me I don't know why...
Some days I win,
Some days I lose,
But, every day, I want to be with you...
                   Just you...

Verse 2:
In this confusion, that I call my life,
I spend most my time just trying to do what's right,
Every day I fight just for my sanity,
Which is hard to do when my thoughts get too deep...
(Chorus 1)

Verse 3:
I'm a mother, daughter, sister, and again I am a wife,
And I'm still trying to figure out just how to live my life,
I guess it all comes down to just one thing,
When I find out what that one thing is, I might just get some peace...
(Chorus 1, Instrumental Break, Chorus 2)

Chorus 2:
Some days I laugh,
Some days I don't,
Some days I cry,
Some days I won't,
Some days I want to be held,
And other days I might just tell you to go to hell,
Some days I win,
Some days I lose,
But, today (and every day) I want to be with you...
(Repeat Once)

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blindmaster commented on Some Days (Song Lyrics)


These are great songs. I wish you the best of luck on whatever it is you are pursing with them and if you should happen to go platinum I can say I heard it here first.

kochab commented on Some Days (Song Lyrics)


very good honey, you happen to have a link to you preforming the song? Stick with it you have some talent with writing.



Haven't recorded this one. Never thought it was my best work... Know what I mean?

laydbak1 commented on Some Days (Song Lyrics)


I came back to this one and played and sang it through, and I'll be, suddenly it took on a John Prine feel... The metering is a tiny bit off in places but, easily tweaked to a good 4/4 tune and the end of verse 3 lacks a downbeat rhyme lyrics to close it, but overall it's great little tune... Well done...

laydbak1 commented on Some Days (Song Lyrics)


All the different moods changing and ripping by in this piece, like so many center stripes on a two lane at night... It definately has the feel of a woman... lol.. a good write...

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