Somebody Already Broke My Heart


  • JonTalbain
  • Didn't I tell you, what I believe... Did somebody say that....that love like that won't last? Didn't I give you all that I got to, give baby?

Poem Commentary

I am awakened again

Somebody Already Broke My Heart

Did I just waken from the dream
Shivering, feeling the frost the winter air
Seeing your eyes in mine again
Had I just rose from the slumber, remembering my soul and flesh
interwined throughout like the stars in the heavens
And should I not look over to see if this is a hoax,
cruelly made by you, but all to be forgiven in a lover's embrace

Oh I can't go there again....

So Stranded on the end of a Lie,
Feeling heaven but a short while
Then the cold outer darkness of loneliness and despair
Why tease me, and not yield to me
Could I be imagining this, as I look yonder
Ponder I, the fantastical thing, scare to behind me
fearing the shadow of my reality.
The nightmarish conflagrity that dwells deep,
like a dank stormcelllar
When only so many hours ago, could I not remember the love letters
we wrote  back and forth across our lips

Don't leave me stranded on the edge of a Lie....

I tremble now, approaching my window pane
scared to lift the latch and raise it
as if the very sound would wake my neighbors.
I'm frightened to look for you
You're not in my arms nor in my bed
Departed from like breath into the night
And now, who are you?
Yet I lean into the pitch
Waiting my moments as if death's shadow should touch me soon
Im cold, but the wind is the biting factor
like concertina wire raked cross the flesh and into the bone
My spirit be edged, and my innermost secrets to be wrent from me

But I can only think of you now
As the world stands still to mourn the ending of something
that never truly began

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blvdobd2009 commented on Somebody Already Broke My Heart


I cant sleep tonight, and your words, your haunting words now etched into my brain like a bad tattoo, I am fulfilled and understand this feeling all to well, thank you for your saving grace



These words are nothing but the conduit that proves the human soul is alive as the air above and the earth beneath. I could save no one, but my words would at least be a lamp unto the path.

tierra7 commented on Somebody Already Broke My Heart


Truly emotive piece...nicely composed ((((huggz))))Tierra@}-'-,

poett commented on Somebody Already Broke My Heart


Nice write but sad too. Its very hard missing someone we don't want to let go...

Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words.

Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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