Spilling Light


Spilling Light

I see how broken I am.
I know, I know...
it's the broken spots
spilling the light.
It's the cracks
where we get to glow...
beauty in the common dark.

the brokenness is all I see.
I feel deeply
every flaw,
each raised white scar...
and then
all I know
is I am not whole, complete.

I know
how to be happy
in the quiet, shaded places
of my life.
I can hum along
in a simple beauty,
curling like a mist through my life.

I can
gently heal through
breath and thought,
the rough edges
the torn and muddy tangles...
easing impossible knots
to silken strands in easy steps.

But sometimes,
even so,
all I can see is how broken
and inadequate,
how fragile I am
and I remember
the scars I carry ever on.


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Marsink commented on Spilling Light


I love your phrasing and sensitivity portrayed in these choice words. A lovely insight to your mind's ponderings and well-expressed in metaphor and imagery!



Thank you, it is so great to hear from a few poet friends on this. I appreciate your reading and comment! Peace...

blackfootlady commented on Spilling Light


We All have scars from Our Past.This is a very nice Peace.I hope You keep writing.Love heals All things.Letting Go and Letting God seems to help Me. I really identify with the open wounds.Life isn't the easiest thing Sometimes.Saying You matter is what really counts.It gives Us All something to work with...Your Friend,Blackfootlady P.S. God Bless.



Thanks so much for your time in reading and commenting. It is so nice to hear the voice of another in regard to writings. I am grateful. Hopefully there will be a few more voices still echoing around here... Peace!

If I feel physically as if the top of my head were taken off, I know that is poetry.

Emily Dickinson (1830-1886) American poet.

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