Sprouting Wisdom


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    For Shawnad thanks for the first line...... Lucky

    Sprouting Wisdom

    The words of wisdom I'm spitting at you from across the room weaken my soul.
    These endless days of infernal tribulation your lunacy brings.
    I'm longing for relief, my mind and heart are broken.

    Anger has no place in a peaceful soul.
    Understanding this era of arguments destroys me.
    I have been a better man in days gone by.
    Remember when we complimented each other.
    Just by entering a room, hand in hand.

    The words of wisdom I'm spitting at you from across the room are meant to calm the beast.
    You know the one that surfaces now when I come home.
    I'm sorry no longer works, I love you falls to the floor.
    I'm the same idiot you said till death do us part remember.

    Drive this road with me for we are stronger together than apart.
    Help this weakened person I am, find his loving heart.
    Forgive this evil I brought in and try to listen to me once again......

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    purdylox commented on Sprouting Wisdom


    I really have to say you can really write poems that make your mind work I have so many thoughts running round my head right now.



    Shawnad gave up a good 1st line and I just let it write itself very glad you liked it

    kochab commented on Sprouting Wisdom


    wow dude. You work miracles with these one line starts. Absolute absolution and admitting to the guilt @ the same time 10 of 10 my friend



    Think I'm starting to get the hang of this writing thing thanks

    photochick commented on Sprouting Wisdom


    well My wonderful lucky you have me in awe this one I read more then once for I enjoyed it so much and it touched my soul deep the torture of your self lost and trying to get back to where you where the need of wanting your other half not to give up on you and try to help you find the you that you once were great poem off of a line of words of wisdom if only there were more of those couples that had someone that would look past whom they become and help them get back to who they were on that day they said those sacred words of death till us part great poem you once again blew me away with all your poetic talent thanks for sharing it with me



    Aw thanks for that photo I'm thinking that I missed my calling you think....

    In science one tries to tell people, in such a way as to be understood by everyone, something that no one ever knew before. But in poetry, it's the exact opposite.

    Franz Kafka (1883-1924) Czech writer.

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