st. saviour


  • Hope

    st. saviour


    who will save the saviours
    and wash the blood from chest and crest
    or dust off their capes
    sadly draped over the bloody landscape
    who will pay the cost
    for the heartbroken and those lost hearts
    or validate the victims of this art

    who will save our saviours
    and build back the mountain tops
    or weaken the water from floods to drops

    who will save the saviours
    when all strength is nearly spent
    and twisted metal has to be re bent
    to form strong foundations again

    saviours will save the saviours
    because love is not premeditated
    love is natural and real
    and explodes with life once rededicated
    to our friends and families

    who will save the saviours ?
    with hope...all of us.


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    SerenityWintirs commented on st. saviour


    This poem is very touching to me because it gives me hope. There is so much suffering and evil in the world that everytime it seems too much, I have witnessed an incredible act of kindness from complete strangers and it breaks my heart everytime to know that there are still loving souls left in this world. I think that being compassionate and non judgemental are *so* important because you never know what someone is going through and what kind of difference you can make by treating them with kindness and respect. I think that everyone has saved another person's life at one time or another and didn't even realize it. But everyone needs saving sometimes and anyone can be a hero just by behaving with compassion. I think that you really tapped into the essence of that here. Absolutely beautiful



    thank you very much. compassion is a hero in itself. i agree one hundred percent. any kind gesture can make a huge difference. i know because it has happened in my life, where someone has reached out to me. realizing that even i needed a little lift. so again thank you for your kind words and understanding.

    cheronld commented on st. saviour


    I found a metaphor in this that may not have been your intention.....but my mind works in mysterious ways....Our personal Heroes ( my version of Saviors )....from so much more....this write had an irony to it that I truly felt and loved....your words used brought smiles to my eyes...."who will save the saviours and wash the blood from chest and crest or dust off their capes sadly draped over the bloody landscape"....that line started it all and set a tone that you played like a Piper....I got a visual of all those that have come and gone from my life that I held in high esteem....while this may not have been your tone to this write....I couldn't help but be inspired by it none the less....great write and sorry for the long comments....Cher



    oh thank you, cher. you got it right and took a beautiful message from this poem. saint saviour was written for our saviours soilders, firemen etc. who act on our behalf and the saviours that live inside all of us. i have played the part of a saviour on many occassion for i have been the first to the scene of over 30 accidents and fires ( as a civilian ). it's a weird destiny but one that i have embraced.

    Poetry is either something that lives like fire inside you or else it is nothing, an empty formalized bore around which pedants can endlessly drone their notes and explanations.

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