Starfish Maiden


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A coming of age tale as a young woman discovers passion from an unlikely source.

Starfish Maiden


Glistening with a white dream morning, hope came strolling out on the strand;

Sun-filled haze lifts with the dawning, lofted by some unseen hand.

Footsteps trail along the tidal pathways, where brief salty rivers shoreward surge;

Dancers, they leave damp depressions: syncopic answer to impulsive urge.


Dark eyes move like bright gulls in flight, straining skywards, as though leaving late,

Darting, swooping, feeding, playing, while calling out to find their mate.

Palm fronds bend before the day breeze, compliant to its nascent force,

Fingers flutter, clasp felicitous, tre bon though impromptu course.


Smaradg surge’s slow salten tongue licks at the sand left kissed with foam

Drops softly a star, quite callously stranded, fated to die too far from home.

Morning winds freshen releasing lost passion, now blushing, blood rushing close under her skin

Soft tufted dunes, wind-wakened, sun weakened, shrug a small shiver as updrafts begin


Sandpipers teeter, then run to the wave, feeding by following its thin tidal train

Knee deep, she turns, stares at the starfish, longing to have it home once again.

“There is work!” She warned her heart; so suddenly deaf to the chide in her voice

As waves washed wantonly beneath her dress, new senses postponed her hesitant choice.


“There’s not time!” She protested with whispers, as joy effervescent washed over cleft skin

“Oh,” she cried, “Why does it have to end in this?” Leaving me torn as to how to begin?

The flooding tide ebbs, the waves are departing, leaving her lost to the sun and the sky

She splashes now shoreward, now star ward; tho sightless, it senses her presence nearby.


She could free it; her fingers embrace it, if only to place it beyond the fickle tide’s threat

Or she could bake it; nostalgically make it- a relic recording her finest day yet.

Do you know her? Have you seen her? Did she show you any starry glory?

Has she known you, her secret shown you? And on wordless lips, told you her story?

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Teardrops commented on Starfish Maiden


I spent four years in Pensacola fa. amd my one love was the beach in early morning . I would have thrown the starfish back to live again . Loved the passion and adventure in this write Marie



Any gal who rides a Harley leans waay over into the adventuress side of the equation. Good for you. Harv

Mareann commented on Starfish Maiden


What a vivid and picturesque story of this starfish maiden, This reminded me of a book I once read.... Very delightful aquatic read... Love it my friend! Mary



Glad you found the verbal wading rewarding. Harv

ginga commented on Starfish Maiden


Wow Harv I was totally reeled in with this woman's aquatic life amongst the starfish. I love ocean poems and this is spectacular rife with superfluous words and astounding verbage. ginga



Let me just absorb your good humor! I litmus to who gets it. Only the erudite will pass. LOL LOL Harv

spbsdude commented on Starfish Maiden


An amazingly vivid portrayal of the starfish maiden. As for the question I've read you ask other visitors to this poem, I would have let it go, but held the memory of the magical moment forever in my mind and heart. I love things in their natural state, and don't like to kill needlessly, especially not anything that would be a trophy. Too many kill for pleasure or trophy, but inside of them something always dies. Call it humanity. Call it spirituality. Call it what you will, we are all part of nature's web and can't help but feel the effects of our actions no matter how seemingly small at the moment. Nice job. All the best, Spbsdude.



And yet, you can go to "Shell Shops" all over FL and get the baked stars for souveniers for a pittance. You may havenoticed, but didn't mention the erotic solitary of the piece. Harv



Yes I got the sensuality of the piece. But in defense of myself, I've never have purchased a star fish at any souvenier shop, though when I was a little boy I did receive one as a gift. But by ten it was too late. And though my Son is in Florida for two years, I've never been further southeast then Tennessee. Still I loved the piece, it was so vivid.

carynontherhine commented on Starfish Maiden


Your talent has really come out to play today. This is an awesome write that you may be so kind as to possibly unravel some. No need really it comes across clearer as I re read it. The descriptives are excellent and worthy of praise. Loved it! Hugz



There is no wrong answer, but did you keep it or throw it back? Harv



Both I would keep it and throw it back!



Did you just read my comment to kah? LOL You would then keep it in your heart, but throw it back so it could live. there is no other formula that would work. Throwing it back once you'd killed it for your souvenier would jsut be delayed guilt at work . . too litte, too late. And that deosn't sound like you at all.



lol funny man!

Poetry comes nearer to vital truth than history.

Plato (BC 427-BC 347) Greek philosopher.

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